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Archive for the ‘Windows Development’ Category

Delphi use of FS segment: structured exception handling

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/03/16

A while ago, I had to trace through a lot of code in the CPU pane to track down some memory allocation related issues.

I wondered what the use of the FS segment was about, so via [] delphi what is fs segment used for – Google Search, I found that it is related to Win32 Structured Exception handling and therefore not limited to Delphi, through these links:

A few disassembly parts to show how the Delphi Win32 compiler uses this for try finally blocks and try except blocks is below. Note that often, there are implicit try finally blocks when having managed method parameters or local variables.


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Automatically closing ABBY Finereader 5.0 windows after scanning is completed

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/02/23

Both my Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500 and ix100 scanners can be used from Windows to automatically scan to PDF.

PDF conversion is done through the included ABBYY FineReader 5.0 software.

However, on each scan, it keeps a dialog open with the scan results, even if scanning went fine.

When scanning lots of documents, lots of dialogs are open, causing two problems:

  • a lot of memory and window handle resource usage
    • this can be ~100 megabytes per instance
  • a lot of disk usage:
    • it keeps both the non-OCR and OCR PDF files active (only when closing, the non-OCR PDF file is deleted)

I wanted to close that dialog automatically, but none of the configuration settings allow it.

So I wrote a quick and dirty solution, that could have been in any tool supporting the Windows API and call backs. The solution below should easily translate to tools other than Delphi.

These are the only Windows API functions used:

these types:

and these constants:

The basic structure is an EumWindows call passing a callback that gets called for all top level Windows, then in the callback, for matching captions: call EnumChildWindows with another callback. In that callback, for matching captions and child captions, perform a click or close.

Related posts:

Log of Windows related to both programs:

ParentHWnd=$00000000;HWnd=$00030602;IsVisible=-1;IsOwned=0;IsAppWindow=-1;WindowTextLength=33;WindowText="ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap 5.0"
> Recursive child windows for ABBYY
  ParentHWnd=$00030602;HWnd=$000205EA;IsVisible=-1;IsOwned=0;IsAppWindow=0;WindowTextLength=74;WindowText="Register your copy of ABBYY FineReader and receive the following benefits:"
  ParentHWnd=$00030602;HWnd=$000205E8;IsVisible=-1;IsOwned=0;IsAppWindow=0;WindowTextLength=25;WindowText="- Free technical support;"
  ParentHWnd=$00030602;HWnd=$000205E6;IsVisible=-1;IsOwned=0;IsAppWindow=0;WindowTextLength=51;WindowText="- Information about new versions of ABBYY products."
  > Child is Close button: clicking.
  < ParentHWnd=$00000000;HWnd=$00030602;IsVisible=-1;IsOwned=0;IsAppWindow=-1;WindowTextLength=33;WindowText="ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap 5.0"
  ParentHWnd=$00030602;HWnd=$000205F6;IsVisible=-1;IsOwned=0;IsAppWindow=0;WindowTextLength=34;WindowText="Processing finished (warnings: 1)."
  ParentHWnd=$00030602;HWnd=$000205F4;IsVisible=-1;IsOwned=0;IsAppWindow=0;WindowTextLength=31;WindowText="Converting to searchable PDF..."
  ParentHWnd=$00030602;HWnd=$000205D2;IsVisible=-1;IsOwned=0;IsAppWindow=0;WindowTextLength=63;WindowText="Page 1. Make sure the correct recognition language is selected."

ParentHWnd=$00000000;HWnd=$00010248;IsVisible=-1;IsOwned=-1;IsAppWindow=0;WindowTextLength=14;WindowText="Creative Cloud"
> Recursive child windows for Creative Cloud
  ParentHWnd=$00010248;HWnd=$0001024A;IsVisible=-1;IsOwned=0;IsAppWindow=0;WindowTextLength=28;WindowText="Main Container Client Dialog"
  ParentHWnd=$00010248;HWnd=$00020350;IsVisible=-1;IsOwned=0;IsAppWindow=0;WindowTextLength=18;WindowText="Sign in - Adobe ID"
  > Child is Signin button: closing parent.
  < ParentHWnd=$0003011A;HWnd=$00010248;IsVisible=-1;IsOwned=-1;IsAppWindow=0;WindowTextLength=14;WindowText="Creative Cloud"
    < ParentHWnd=$00000000;HWnd=$0003011A;IsVisible=0;IsOwned=0;IsAppWindow=0;WindowTextLength=4;WindowText="Core"

It appears that ABBYY has a different set of booleans than Creative Cloud.

This is kind of odd, as delphi – How to get captions of actual windows currently running? – Stack Overflow points to Window Features – Windows applications | Microsoft Docs: Owned Windows stating:

The Shell creates a button on the taskbar whenever an application creates a window that isn’t owned. To ensure that the window button is placed on the taskbar, create an unowned window with the WS_EX_APPWINDOW extended style. To prevent the window button from being placed on the taskbar, create the unowned window with the WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW extended style. As an alternative, you can create a hidden window and make this hidden window the owner of your visible window.

Apparently, ABBYY fully plays by the rules, but Creatheive Cloud cheats a bit: none of the Windows are WS_EX_APPWINDOW, but the hidden unowned “Core” owner of the “Creative Cloud” still makes it appear on the taskbar.


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Some LCID links and notes

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/02/10

Document locations changed, so here are some links to newer and older documentation on LCID related things:

More Delphi related links:



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A few links on Raymond Chen

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/02/09

I linked to [WayBack] the Old New Thing a lot from my blog, but never put in a few links to the author of all those posts: Raymond Chen.

So here you go:

Recurring topics on his blog:

He is on some videos to, for instance [] One Dev Question with Raymond Chen – Why Are There 4 Functions for Converting Strings to GUIDs | One Dev Minute | Channel 9 (the actual mp4 video file through

You can find many more via raymond chen – Google Search


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LockWindowUpdate function (Windows) and some OldNewThing thoughts

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/02/02

If you ever think about using [WayBack] LockWindowUpdate function (Windows), then read these first:


Do not use LockWindowUpdate as the limitation is system wide: Only one Window in the system can be used for LockWindowUpdate.

Use WM_SETREDRAW if you can as LockWindowUpdate “should only to be called to disable drawing in the window beneath the cursor during a drag and drop operation”: there is only one locked window at a time: There can be only one drag/drop operation active at a time, since there is only one mouse.

Instead of LockWindowUpdate(hwnd)
Use SendMessage(hwnd, WM_SETREDRAW, FALSE, 0) or
SetWindowRedraw(hwnd, FALSE)
Instead of LockWindowUpdate(NULL)
Use SendMessage(hwnd, WM_SETREDRAW, TRUE, 0) or
SetWindowRedraw(hwnd, TRUE)


BOOL LockWindowUpdate(
  _In_ HWND hWndLock

Oh, and it’s not called LockWindowUpdate everywhere: [WayBackSetting a Visual Studio breakpoint on a Win32 API function in user32.dll – The Entrian Solutions Blog.


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