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Archive for the ‘Windows Development’ Category

GitHub – blackrosezy/gui-inspect-tool: Gui Inspect tool for Windows

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/08/11

Old but useful: [WayBackGitHub – blackrosezy/gui-inspect-tool: Gui Inspect tool for Windows, a collection of Windows UI inspection tools:

  • AccEvent.exe
  • AccExplorer32.exe
  • Inspect.exe
  • swapy-ob-0.4.3.exe
  • UISpy.exe
  • ViewWizard.exe
  • WSEdit.EXE
  • swapy-ob-0.4.3.exe


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UAC elevation steps

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/07/29

Just in case I need to explain this to someone, as it has been a long time ago I did this: [WayBack] windows – Is there a single UAC binary? – Super User.

Via: [WayBack] Jeroen Wiert Pluimers: Is there a UAC binary? – Google+

Most important reference: [WayBack] How User Account Control Works | Microsoft Docs

  1. Logon:
  2. Elevation steps: decision tree in the various pieces:
  3. Elevation confirmation via consent.exe
  4. Consent example prompt:



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Interesting insights by Andreas Hausladen Twitter on the Delphi splash screen process, license file handling

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/05/05

Interesting insights from [WayBackAndreas Twitter: “I was joking about #Delphi’s splash screen to be shown later so Embt can claim that it finishes much faster now. Today my Internet was down and guess what I had to “witness”. Seattle: 22 sec splash screen time Tokyo: 2 sec splash screen time Sounds fantastic, but……”:

  • in earlier versions part of the copy protection (WinVerifyTrust calls) were done after the splash screen was visible and now they are done before.
  • That the WinVerifyTrust call took so long was because Windows (not Delphi) wanted to check for revoked certificates in the first WinVerifyTrust call (due to the missing only-cache flag) and my router seems to not like it if the modem doesn’t have a connection/link to the provider
  • consider using FILE_FLAG_DELETE_ON_CLOSE so that if the IDE is killed during its start (debug session when you see that you forgot something and want to abort) doesn’t wait ~3 minutes or more until the lock is lifted

More relevant links based on the above:

Via [WayBack] Anyone else saw the video on this Andreas Hausladen post? – Cesar Romero – Google+ where I found this observation interesting:

My vm installs have zero net on by default, host only lan, lan only, and internet provided on demand. I’m noticing a lot of differences in the splash screens of, often lacking registration confirm info (making me nervous).


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Bug Finder, A Real Win32 Extensible Passive Debugger – CodeProject

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/04/09

On my research list is [WayBack] GitHub – DareDevil73/bug-finder: Windows passive debugger.  with an article at [WayBack] Bug Finder, A Real Win32 Extensible Passive Debugger – CodeProject:

The Bug Finder is a real Win32 debugger, entirely written in Borland Delphi, which analyzes your application execution flow, so you can:

  1. Catch exceptions on the main executable, external DLLs, primary and working threads.
  2. Produce a detailed stack trace about each exception.
  3. Place a symbolic breakpoint to get, in place of a program debug break, a full stack trace log message (dynamic tracing).
  4. Produce detailed and rotative log files for a batch application behaviour inspection.
  5. Capture output of OutputDebugString API to log file (to provide extra debugging information by yourself directly into your code).
  6. Trace Process, Threads and DLLs activities.

I found documentation at [WayBackDareDevil73 … docs, but the binary dependencies and installer are on SourceForge (where the project was originally located) and CodeProject which cannot be archived so I will look into that when it pops to the top of my research list.


via: [WayBack] Bug Finder by Antonio Petricca (in 2013?) Have any of you tried it? – Lars Fosdal – Google+

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Optimizing BitBlt by generating code on the fly – The Old New Thing

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/03/25

Blast from the past machine generated code by the various assembly versions of the  [WayBack] Windows BitBlt function [WayBackOptimizing BitBlt by generating code on the fly – The Old New Thing.

Via: [WayBack] Rodrigo Ruz on Twitter: “Optimizing BitBlt by generating code on the fly”


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