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I dug into scoop a tiny bit: some thoughts and links

Posted by jpluimers on 2023/05/09

Last month, I wrote Need to take a look a Scoop (as a long time Chocolatey user).

So I did, and started with a list of my Chocolatey installs grouped by functionality in order to expand the table towards winget and [Wayback/ArchiveGitHub – ScoopInstaller/Scoop: A command-line installer for Windows.

This was a good way to start learning, and by already doing this, got learned this:

  • Whereas Chocolaty has a global searchable community package index at [Wayback/Archive] Chocolatey Software | Packages  which is moderated too.
  • Scoops works differently. There are many buckets you can get your applications from, and there is no Scoop maintained index of them.

Let’s focus on the latter for a bit:

From the above, I got a feeling that Scoop is way more like the Linux Package Managers than WinGet and Chocolatey are.




  • make more complete
  • split winget into package that require UAC elevation to Administrator or can run for just the current user

Base URLs

Category Tool Choclatey link/tag Winget link/tag Scooop link/tag Notes
adobereader adobereader adobereader ??? AdobeAcrobatReader-Install
base-system choco-cleaner choco-cleaner
base-system 7zip 7zip 7zip.7zip 7zip
base-system everything everything voidtools.Everything everything
base-system notepadplusplus notepadplusplus Notepad++.Notepad++ notepadplusplus
base-system beyondcompare beyondcompare ScooterSoftware.BeyondCompare4 beyondcompare
base-system curl curl ??? curl is now part of Windows (but with less options than the “bug” build )
base-system sed sed ??? sed
base-system git.install git.install Git.Git git.install Choclatey: git.install --params/GitAndUnixToolsOnPath /NoGitLfs /SChannel /NoAutoCrlf /WindowsTerminal
base-system hg hg TortoiseHg.TortoiseHg hg
base-system sourcetree sourcetree Atlassian.Sourcetree sourcetree
base-system nircmd nircmd ??? nircmd
base-system speedfan speedfan Almico.SpeedFan speedfan
base-system sysinternals sysinternals ??? sysinternals
base-ssystem Windows PC Health Check ??? Microsoft.WindowsPCHealthCheck ??? Windows 11 upgrade check
iso-cd-dvd-image-burning-and-disk-image-tools rufus rufus Rufus.Rufus rufus
iso-cd-dvd-image-burning-and-disk-image-tools imgburn imgburn LIGHTNINGUK.ImgBurn imgburn
iso-cd-dvd-image-burning-and-disk-image-tools isowriter isowriter ??? isowriter
chrome-administrative-all-users googlechrome googlechrome Google.Chrome googlechrome
code-editors vscode vscode ??? vscode
code-editors atom atom GitHub.Atom atom
diagramming dia dia gnome.Dia dia
diagramming drawio drawio JGraph.Draw drawio
disk-management-tools hdtune hdtune ??? hdtune
disk-management-tools seatools seatools ??? seatools
disk-management-tools speedfan speedfan ??? speedfan
disk-management-tools gsmartcontrol gsmartcontrol GSmartControl.GSmartControl gsmartcontrol
disk-management-tools CrystalDiskInfo CrystalDiskInfo CrystalDewWorld.CrystalDiskInfo CrystalDiskInfo
disk-management-tools smartmontools smartmontools smartmontools.smartmontools smartmontools
document-format-conversion-tools pandoc pandoc JohnMacFarlane.Pandoc pandoc
file-transfer-scp-tools filezilla filezilla TimKosse.FileZilla.Client filezilla
file-transfer-scp-tools winscp winscp WinSCP.WinSCP winscp
firefox firefox firefox Mozilla.Firefox firefox
google-backup-and-sync google-backup-and-sync google-backup-and-sync (deprecated)
google-backup-and-sync google-drive-file-stream google-drive-file-stream Google.Drive google-drive-file-stream
intel-dsa–Intel-Driver-and-Support-Assistant intel-dsa intel-dsa Intel.IntelDriverAndSupportAssistant intel-dsa
intel-ssd-management-tools intel-mas intel-mas ??? intel-mas
monospaced-programmers-fonts jetbrainsmono jetbrainsmono ??? jetbrainsmono
monospaced-programmers-fonts FiraCode FiraCode ??? FiraCode
monospaced-programmers-fonts SourceCodePro SourceCodePro ??? SourceCodePro
monospaced-programmers-fonts fantasque-sans.font fantasque-sans.font ??? fantasque-sans.font
monospaced-programmers-fonts hackfont hackfont SourceFoundry.HackFonts hackfont
monospaced-programmers-fonts nerdfont-hack nerdfont-hack ??? nerdfont-hack
monospaced-programmers-fonts AnonymousPro AnonymousPro ??? AnonymousPro
monospaced-programmers-fonts EnvyCodeR EnvyCodeR ??? EnvyCodeR
monospaced-programmers-fonts Inconsolata Inconsolata ??? Inconsolata
monospaced-programmers-fonts dejavufonts dejavufonts ??? dejavufonts
network-tools nmap nmap Insecure.Nmap nmap
network-tools wireshark wireshark WiresharkFoundation.Wireshark wireshark
network-tools cports cports ??? cports
NirLauncher-nirsoft-launcher NirLauncher NirLauncher ??? NirLauncher
non-sucking-service-manager nssm nssm ??? nssm
paint-and-image-tools gimp gimp gimpGIMP.GIMP gimp
paint-and-image-tools imagemagick imagemagick ImageMagick.ImageMagick imagemagick
paint-and-image-tools inkscape inkscape Inkscape.Inkscape inkscape
paint-and-image-tools ???
prime95 prime95 prime95 ??? prime95
ultravnc ultravnc ultravnc uvncbvba.UltraVnc ultravnc
visual-studio-2017-community visualstudio2017community visualstudio2017community ??? visualstudio2017community
visual-studio-2017-community visualstudio2017-workload-manageddesktop visualstudio2017-workload-manageddesktop ??? visualstudio2017-workload-manageddesktop
visual-studio-2017-community visualstudio2017-workload-nativedesktop visualstudio2017-workload-nativedesktop ??? visualstudio2017-workload-nativedesktop
visual-studio-2017-community visualstudio2017-workload-universal visualstudio2017-workload-universal ??? visualstudio2017-workload-universal
visual-studio-2017-community visualstudio2017-workload-netweb visualstudio2017-workload-netweb ??? visualstudio2017-workload-netweb
visual-studio-2017-community visualstudio2017-workload-azure visualstudio2017-workload-azure ??? visualstudio2017-workload-azure
visual-studio-2017-community visualstudio2017-workload-python visualstudio2017-workload-python ??? visualstudio2017-workload-python
visual-studio-2017-community visualstudio2017-workload-node visualstudio2017-workload-node ??? visualstudio2017-workload-node
visual-studio-2017-community visualstudio2017-workload-office visualstudio2017-workload-office ??? visualstudio2017-workload-office
visual-studio-2017-community visualstudio2017-workload-netcrossplat visualstudio2017-workload-netcrossplat ??? visualstudio2017-workload-netcrossplat
visual-studio-2017-community visualstudio2017-workload-visualstudioextension visualstudio2017-workload-visualstudioextension ??? visualstudio2017-workload-visualstudioextension
visual-studio-2017-community visualstudio2017-workload-nativecrossplat visualstudio2017-workload-nativecrossplat ??? visualstudio2017-workload-nativecrossplat
visual-studio-2017-community visualstudio2017-workload-netcoretools visualstudio2017-workload-netcoretools ??? visualstudio2017-workload-netcoretools
vmware-tools vmware-tools vmware-tools ??? vmware-tools
wakeonlan WakeMeOnLan WakeMeOnLan ??? WakeMeOnLan
winbox winbox winbox ??? winbox

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