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Sony STR-DE205 Receiver – storing FM stations into memory

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/09/27

Somehow I misplaced the manuals of my Sony STR-DE205 receiver, including the Operating Instructions.

Sony still makes receivers

I did find [WayBack] Sony STR-DE205 – Manual – AM/FM Stereo Receiver – HiFi Engine which has a Service Manual. It has no operating instructions though.

Luckily, the STR-DE205 is very similar to the Sony STR-DE305, which I found using sony str de205 filetype:pdf operating instructions and having an Operating Instructions copy at [

In fact, all the pictures in that manual look remarkably similar to the STR-DE205, except for one: the remote control:

It has one extra button POWER, which the STR-DE205 lacks, which likely means the STR-DE305 can be powered on remotely (like my trusty Sony MHC-3000 mini set that is slightly older).

Anyway, programming is easy as long as you know you need to press one of the NUMERIC BUTTONS in step 5:

  1. Press TUNER.
    The last received station is tuned in.
  2. Tune in the station you want.
    If you are not familiar with how to tune in a station, see “Receiving Broadcasts” on the previous page.
  3. Press MEMORY.
    “MEMORY” appears for a few seconds.
    Do steps 4 and 5 before “MEMORY” goes out.
  4. Press SHIFT to select a character (A, B or C).
    Each time you press SHIFT, the letter “A”, “B” or “C” appears in the display.
    If “MEMORY” disappears, start again from step 3.
  5. While MEMORY is displayed, press the number you want to use (0 to 9).
  6. Repeat Steps 2 to 5 to preset other stations.

Getting the text out of the PDF was a bit of a pain, as even though it renders, DRM tried to prohibit copying.

Luckily there is a pdftohtml with a -nodrm feature in Poppler (software) – Wikipedia (unlike the Xpdf – Wikipedia it forked from that does not have this switch) which I got based on these links:

Some more images are below after some Sony STR-DE205 videos.







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