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Archive for September 20th, 2019

Outlook 2013 cannot logon to gmail any more

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/09/20

A problem on a PC I did not use often: as of a sudden, Outlook 2013 could not access a gmail account any more.

Luckily, Outlook showed me this message in a dialog box:

Please log in via your web browser: (Failure)

This directed me to [WayBack] Use IMAP to check Gmail on other email clients – Gmail Help

In turn that pointed to [WayBack] Let less secure apps access your account – Google Account Help

Finally that one indicated the configuration page changed to

This is similar to the cause of “the user name or password for is incorrect” – iPad, iPod or iPhone with iOS < 7

It all comes down to gmail forcing OAUTH2: [WayBack] tls – Why doesn’t outlook 2013 meet modern security standards? – Information Security Stack Exchange


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Google YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts – Windows – U-M Google

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/09/20

Cool table via the University of Michigan’s Google Apps for Education []:

Note: These shortcuts will only work when the video player is in focus. To move the focus try pressing the spacebar to pause and then play the video.

Action Shortcut
Toggle play/pause the video
k or Spacebar
Go back 5 seconds
Left arrow
Go back 10 seconds
Go forward 5 seconds
Right arrow
Go forward 10 seconds
Skip to a particular section of the video (e.g., 5 goes to the video midpoint)
Numbers 1-9 (not the keypad numbers)
Restart video
0 (not the keypad number)
Go to Full Screen mode f
Exit Full Screen mode
Go to beginning of video
Go to end of video
Increase volume 5%
Up arrow
Decrease volume 5%
Down arrow
Increase speed
Shift+> (may not work in all browsers)
Decrease speed
Shift+< (may not work in all browsers)
Move forward 1 frame when video is paused . (period)
Move backward 1 frame when video is paused , (comma)
Mute/unmute video m
Turn captions on/off c
Cycle through options for caption background color b


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Dave’s Development Blog – Using CodeSite on interfaced objects

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/09/20

Reminder to self: [WayBackDave’s Development Blog – Using CodeSite on interfaced objects:

Note to self…

If using CodeSite to log Constructor and Destructor behaviour on interfaced objects, make sure its the first unit in the project so that it is the first unit initialised AND THE LAST unit finalised!

This will save you hours and hours hunting down shutdown AVs 🙁

Or in my projects, the uses list in the Delphi project should be this order:

  1. FastMM4Bootstrap
  2. CodeSite

Via: [WayBackUsing CodeSite on interfaced objects  – David Hoyle – Google+


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