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Archive for September 26th, 2019

Soap Delphi Client end with a timeout for a 1MB call – Stack Overflow

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/09/26

This was a change between IE6 and IE7 on the default time-out decreasing from 3600 seconds to 30 seconds: [WayBack] Soap Delphi Client end with a timeout for a 1MB call – Stack Overflow.

If you want to increase the timeout, then use InternetSetOption. You can get the current value using InternetQueryOption.

In Delphi, THTTPReqResp.Send supports this by setting the various time out options right after creating the request:

    Request := HttpOpenRequest(FInetConnect, 'POST', PChar(FURLSite), nil,
                               nil, nil, Flags, 0{Integer(Self)});
    Check(not Assigned(Request));

    { Timeouts }
    if FConnectTimeout > 0 then
      Check(not InternetSetOption(Request, INTERNET_OPTION_CONNECT_TIMEOUT, Pointer(@FConnectTimeout), SizeOf(FConnectTimeout)));
    if FSendTimeout > 0 then
      Check(not InternetSetOption(Request, INTERNET_OPTION_SEND_TIMEOUT, Pointer(@FSendTimeout), SizeOf(FSendTimeout)));
    if FReceiveTimeout > 0 then
      Check(not InternetSetOption(Request, INTERNET_OPTION_RECEIVE_TIMEOUT, Pointer(@FReceiveTimeout), SizeOf(FReceiveTimeout)));



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does anyone know of any Spring.Container examples (preferably non trivial) th…

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/09/26

Via [WayBack] does anyone know of any Spring.Container examples (preferably non trivial) that show how to build an app with a container just referenced from the Compo… – Russell Weetch – Google+:

Stefan Glienke:

The principle of having a composition root has nothing to do with a particular DI container. Its what you eventually get when following the principle if DI: ask for dependencies – don’t create or look for them yourself (aka service locator).

You did not mention it but I guess you mean a VCL application – now the design of the VCL is not particularly built with DI in mind and thus it can be a bit tricky to hook up the application MainForm to the container to get it injected everything. However there are several examples how to achieve that (mainly by using DelegateTo and doing the Application.CreateForm there).

An example explaining this is for instance in [WayBack] How to initialize main application form in Spring4D GlobalContainer?

Many more can be found through Spring4d DelegateTo and Spring4d DelegateTo CreateForm and


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Boolean Values and Operators

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/09/26

TL;DR from [WayBackAutomating the world one-liner at a time… Boolean Values and Operators:

In PowerShell use the built-in constants $false and $true, as strings will be converted to booleans with results you don’t like


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