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Archive for May, 2009

TFS 2008 Folder Comparison Filter for both C# and Delphi projects

Posted by jpluimers on 2009/05/25

When using TFS (Team Foundation System) 2008 as a Version Control / Source Code Management system not only for your C#, but also for Delphi projects, this is a good filter string when using the ‘Compare Folders‘ function of TFS:


This is the regular Folder Comparison Filter – the bold above is the addition and the link contains an explanation of the filter syntax:


Hope this helps some of you in reducing the amount of clutter in the resulting comparisons :-)


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Edited: Conferences, seminars and other public appearances « The Wiert Corner

Posted by jpluimers on 2009/05/15

I have edited the Conferences, seminars and other public appearances/ page and extended the list of conferences I have attended in the past including many sessions.

Topics covered in these sessions have been C#, Delphi, Databases, Linux, Kylix, debugging, Compact Framework, and much much more.

Let me know which sessions you’d like to see online first.

The list is far from complete, but it is another step into getting the list more accurate.


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Speaking @ BASTA! 2009 – .NET Everywhere!, September 21-25, 2009, Rheingoldhalle, Mainz, Germany on .NET gems, C#, WPF multi-media and much more.

Posted by jpluimers on 2009/05/15

Masoud Kamali just notified that 2 of my sessions got accepted for the German BASTA! 2009 – .NET Everywhere! conference that is being held from September 21 til 25 in the Rheingoldhalle (which is in Mainz right in between the river Rhine and the city centre).

These are the sessions I’m going to do:

  • WPF multi-media: smart client with audio, photos and video 
  • .NET gems – small pieces of code that make your day

It’s gonna be fun!

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Delphi – more for … in support for TComponent.Components using a class helper

Posted by jpluimers on 2009/05/12

With my blog posting last week on Delphi – class helper to add for … in support for TComponent.Components/ComponentCount  I ‘lied’ a bit. 

What I actually wanted to do was write code like this:

  for Component in Self.ComponentsOfType(TSQLQuery) do
    (Component as TSQLQuery).SQL[1] := FTableName;

This filters the enumeration to only enumerate components that are of type TSQLQuery or descend from type TSQLQuery.

So I wanted to write a ‘richer’ enumerator than just iterating over all components.
The scond part of the lie is that such an enumerator in fact already exists: there is already a TComponent.GetEnumerator method.
Primoz Gabrijelcic’s – web/blog – rightly noted in the comment where he pointed to a similar blog post he wrote for TControls.

Since I wrote this post last week as well, but scheduled to be published right before DelphiLive!, I just added a reference to his comment, site, blog and posting.

TComponent already has a GetEnumerator since Delphi 2006.
But my TComponentEnumerator was meant as a base class to show you how to descend from it.
And that’s what this blog post is about.
Read the rest of this entry »

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Adest Musica flyer for World Music Contest 2009 entry

Posted by jpluimers on 2009/05/11

Menno de Jong created a paper flyer for the World Music Contest 2009 entry that our marching band Adest Musica is going to perform.

New truck for Adest Musica with "the Musketeer" theme for their WMC 2009 show

New truck for Adest Musica with “the Musketeer” theme for their WMC 2009 show

Like the new truck on the right, it perfectly fits the theme “the Musketeer”, and reflects our journey to the WMC in Kerkrade.
April 30 in Ede was part of that journey, and we regret that the release could not take place: the tattoo on which we would have performed got cancelled due to the attempted attack on the Royal Dutch Family that day.
However, the parade in Ede that day did take place, so we were able to show the public our new marches.

People wanting to join us in August 2nd at the WMC in Kerkrade can order tickets here: (Dutch link only)

The images of the flyer are below (click on them for an enlargement):


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