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Archive for the ‘LifeHacker’ Category

Streaming Setup, Iterated (reminder to self, as it might hold for other retro-hardware)

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/01/17

Sebastian Bergmann documented his Twitch streaming setup using digital output from his Amiga 1200 retrocomputing machine: [Wayback] Streaming Setup, Iterated

This might hold for other retro-hardware too, so here is the schema he uses:

[Wayback image]


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Some notes on OKI memory modules and toner cartridges for MC342 / C332, as toner cartridges physically seem compatible, but are not

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/01/14

I thought the C332 had the same engine as the MC342, as internally the printing part looks identical.

Boy, I was wrong. Toner cartridges, though fitting physically, are not compatible, despite having the same image drum part 44968301.

So the MC342 and C332 have different toners that are physically so similar that they fit, but electronically different.

While searching, I found the C332 by default has 1 gigabyte of memory and no upgrade option, but the MC342 only has 256 megabyte of memory and can be upgraded with one 512 megabyte module to 768 megabyte. This improves printing performance considerably.

The memory module part number is 01182908, which is horrendously expensive despite it being a PC4200 DDR2 SO-DIMM, which means PC5300 and higher should also work.

Historically between EUR 100 and EUR 350 ([Wayback] Oki 01182908 – Prijzen – Tweakers) or GBP 250 ([WayBack] OKI 512MB RAM Memory Upgrade for B721, B731, B840, C321, C330, C530, C531, C610, C612, C711, C712, C822, C823, C831, C833, C841, C843, MC332, MC342, MC351, MC352, MC361, MC362, MC561, MC562 printers)

So via [] 512mb ddr2 sodimm – veilingkijker – nieuw en tweedehands I found [Wayback] ≥ Apple 512mb DDR2 667MHz SODIMM – Geheugens – and tried it.

[Wayback/] 512MB DDR2 144PIN for OKI Color Printers MC332dn, MC342 N MC332dn, MC342dn, MC342dnw, MC352dn MC352dn L: Computers & Accessories

[Wayback] MC561 & C330 C711 C530 C610 512MB DDR2 SODIMM MEMORY RAM FOR OKI MC361 C831 C841 SERIES PRINTERS 70061901, 01182908

Installing the memory module is described at page 135 of [Wayback] 45002102EE7_MC562_UG_EN_29888.pdf

The models

[Wayback] MC342dn | DISCONTINUED PRODUCTS | Products | OKI Europe Ltd | Printers and Solutions

Default administrator credentials user admin, password aaaaaa.

[Wayback] Specification | C332 | C300 Series | OKI Europe Ltd

Default administrator credentials: user admin, password 999999.

The toners / accessories

[Wayback] MC342dn | Colour Multifunction Printers | Consumables, Accessories & Part Numbers | Printers, Printing Solutions and Managed Print Services


Item Type Price Notes
20151216003033853-01182907_ram.png/01182907_ram.png256 MB RAM 01182907
20151214104557617-MEM256G_512D.png/MEM256G_512D.png512 MB RAM 01182908


Item Type Price Notes
20151216000117113-44973536_toner_k.png/44973536_toner_k.pngBlack Small capacity toner cartridge 44973536 2,200 pages *1
Black Small capacity toner cartridge 44973544 2,200 pages *1
20151216000116917-44973533_toner_y.png/44973533_toner_y.pngYellow Small capacity toner cartridge 44973533 1,500 pages *1
Yellow Small capacity toner cartridge 44973541 1,500 pages *1
20151216000116982-44973534_toner_m.png/44973534_toner_m.pngMagenta Small capacity toner cartridge 44973534 1,500 pages *1
Magenta Small capacity toner cartridge 44973542 1,500 pages *1
20151216000117047-44973535_toner_c.png/44973535_toner_c.pngCyan Small capacity toner cartridge 44973535 1,500 pages *1
Cyan Small capacity toner cartridge 44973543 1,500 pages *1
20151216000109020-44968301_id.png/44968301_id.pngRainbow Image Drum 44968301 30,000 pages *2 *3

*1 Number of A4 pages yield compliant with ISO/IEC 19798.

*2 Average A4 life based on a typical office environment.

*3 30,000 K 20,000 CMY

[Wayback] C332 | Colour Printers | Consumables, Accessories & Part Numbers | OKI Europe Ltd


Item Type Price Notes
20151216003933012-44472102_tray.gif/44472102_tray.gifAdditional Paper Tray 44472102 Capacity of 530 sheets of 80gsm.
20151216003933074-01314101_cabinet.gif/01314101_cabinet.gifCabinet 01314101
20170110060326773/WLAN_34.jpgWLAN Interface 45830202


Item Type Price Notes
Black Toner cartridge 46508712 3,500 pages *1
Black Toner cartridge 46508716 1,500 pages *1
C332_HIGH_CAP_YELLOW_TONER_46508709_FRONTYellow Toner cartridge 46508709 3,000 pages *1
C332_STD_CAP_YELLOW_TONER_46508713_FRONTYellow Toner cartridge 46508713 1,500 pages *1
C332_HIGH_CAP_MAGENTA_TONER_46508710_FRONTMagenta Toner cartridge 46508710 3,000 pages *1
C332_HIGH_CAP_CYAN_TONER_46508711_FRONTCyan Toner cartridge 46508711 3,000 pages *1
C332_STD_CAP_CYAN_TONER_46508715_FRONTCyan Toner cartridge 46508715 1,500 pages *1
20151216000109020-44968301_id.png/44968301_id.pngCMYK Image Drum 44968301 30,000 pages *2 *3
20151216000101457-44472603_fuser.png/FUS-C4J.pngFuser unit 44472603 60,000 pages
20160928025643903-750_belt.png/BLT-C4H.pngTransfer Belt 44472202 60,000 pages

*1 Number of A4 pages yield compliant with ISO/IEC 19798.

*2 Average A4 life based on a typical office environment.

*3 30,000 K 20,000 CMY


MC342 toner in C332 printer

As soon as you put a black MC342 toner in a C332 toner, you will get this error in the display: SERVICE CALL 231:ERROR 08 (see picture and [Wayback/] oki service call 231 error 08 – Google Search)

This error only goes away when:

  1. you re-insert the original toner cartridge
  2. then power-down and power-up the printer

I could not find C332 specific information for this error, but similar models do have it (partially) listed (note the 08 error for the C332 means the black toner cartridge, not the cyan one):

Toner sensors


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Covid-19/Coronavirus – Mondneusmaskers en andere PBE: Instructie beschermingsmiddelen en zelftests mantelzorgers en pgb | Publicatie |

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/01/12

[Wayback/Archive Instructie beschermingsmiddelen en zelftests mantelzorgers en pgb | Publicatie |

Instructie beschermingsmiddelen en zelftests mantelzorgers en pgb

Mantelzorgers en pgb-gefinancierde zorgverleners kunnen bij hun werk gebruikmaken van persoonlijke beschermingsmiddelen of mondneuskapjes. Cliënten kunnen onder voorwaarden gebruik maken van gratis zelftests. In deze instructie staat wanneer zorgverleners persoonlijke beschermingsmiddelen kunnen aanvragen. En wanneer cliënten zelftests kunnen aanvragen.

Download ‘Instructie beschermingsmiddelen en zelftests mantelzorgers en pgb (staand, A3)’1/2

[Wayback] PDF document | 1 pagina | 95 kB

Publicatie | 08-10-2021

Download ‘Instructie beschermingsmiddelen en zelftests mantelzorgers en pgb (liggend, A4)’2/2

[Wayback] PDF document | 2 pagina’s | 130 kB

Publicatie | 08-10-2021



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Security questions are evil because of social media “games” phishing for them

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/01/11

Via [] Jilles Groenendijk on Twitter: “what @AppSecBloke said… “, from:

I don’t normally do this but here goes:

First job STOP
Current job SENDING
Dream Job YOUR
Favorite food POTENTIAL
Favorite dog PASSWORDS
Favorite footwear OR
Favorite Chocolate bar MEMORABLE
Favorite Ice Cream DATA
Your Vehicle color TO
Favorite Holiday PEOPLE
Night owl or earlybird WHO
Favorite day of the week COLLECT
Tattoos THIS
Favourite colour INFORMATION
Do you like vegetables FOR
Do you wear glasses SOCIAL
Favourite season ENGINEERING

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Since I always have trouble with German word-gender (Geschlecht) and grammatic case (Falle): “Er wohnt in DER Schweiz” (Wo?) “Ich fahre in DIE Schweiz” (Wohin?)

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/01/10

Thanks for this example: [] Grote Lange Dikke Trien on Twitter: “In der Schweiz. “Er wohnt in DER Schweiz” Wo? “Ich fahre in DIE Schweiz” Wohin?… “


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