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Posts Tagged ‘documentation’

openSUSE 12.x: “A plain `halt` will not shutdown the system properly.”

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/12/30

Just noticed that in openSUSE 12.x, A plain halt will not shutdown the system properly.
On my system, it would leave the screen as shown on the right:

Only halt -p works, none of the other hints in the shutdown does not power off thread work, nor the acpi=off or acpi=oldboot settings.

The odd thing: a plain reboot still works properly.

If someone knows a better workaround: please let me know in the comments.

I hope they will fix this in a future openSUSE version; at least for 12.1 they have a “CHECKIT” marker in the documentation, but it has disappeared as of the 2.3 docs, but still fails:

5.4. systemd: System Shutdown

CHECKIT for 12.3. Is this entry still required?

To halt and poweroff the system when using systemd, issue halt -p or shutdown -h now on the command-line or use the shutdown button provided by your desktop environment.

Note: A plain halt will not shutdown the system properly.

Luckily, my openSUSE is a VM, which I can reboot from the ESXi host.
On a physical system, you will end up without any option to resurrect the system.


After installing antivir, a plain halt works sort of: it says it is halted, but ESXi still thinks it is not:

After installing antivir, a plain halt works.

After installing antivir, a plain halt appears to work, but it doesn’t.

ESXi is sure the system didn't actually power down.

ESXi is sure the system didn’t actually power down.


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New Open Source monospaced font from Adobe: Source Code Pro

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/09/30

Last week, Adobe launched the monospaced Open Source font [Wayback] Source Code Pro designed by [WaybackPaul D. Hunt.

It is a follow-up of the (also designed by Paul) [WaybackSource Sans Pro family of Open Source Fonts which got released early last month.

I did a quick look to see if it would get the same number of vertical lines as Lucida Console does at 8 points.

  • Lucida Console: 50 lines
  • Source Code Pro: 40 lines

Too bad, as the general font design is awesome.

One big missing thing is italic/oblique, which is often used in code editors. Hopefully a future version will include those.

For embedding source code examples in documentation, it is very legible, so I will keep it installed on my system.

You can try Source Code Pro yourself as well: it is available [Waybackon SourceForge – that also hosts [WaybackOpen@Adobe – [Waybackon GitHub, where you can fork it, as well as [Waybackon Google Web Fonts, [Wayback] on typekit, and [Waybackon WebINK.


via: [WaybackAnnouncing Source Code Pro « Typblography.

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