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Archive for the ‘Typography’ Category

The origin of the space between in the “Heineken Brouwerij” logo of the Amsterdam brewery

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/04/02

On the very early adoption of the spacing in the typography:

Ooit wel eens stilgestaan bij het iets te grote gat tussen de woorden Heineken en Brouwerij op de Stadhouderskade? Of waarom de belettering op bruggen in de stad zo ‘Amsterdams’ aandoet? Waarschijnlijk niet. Typograaf Bas Jacobs deed dat wel. Zijn ontdekkingen bundelde hij in een speciale toeristengids.

A small book (just EUR 15) tells you more about his Amsterdam findings: Safari Typo Amsterdam

Source: [WayBackWaar komt Heineken spatie Brouwerij eigenlijk vandaan? – AT5: de nieuwszender van Amsterdam en omgeving


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Recommende for font enthousiast: Bigelow & Holmes – How and Why We Designed Lucida

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/12/21

I absolutely love the Lucida family of fonts, and wrote about Bigelow and Holmes before in my font and typography categories.

So I’m glad I bumped (thanks Kristian!) into the Bigelow and Holmes blog (and Lucida fonts store), that recently published this article:

Bigelow & Holmes – How and Why We Designed Lucida.

Recommended reading for font lovers.

And while we are at it, a few more interesting reads on typography history:


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Why IKEA’s font switch from Futura to Verdana mattered (via: National Post)

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/08/14

The point made by Simson Garfield below reminds me I haven’t been at IKEA for a long long while (:

Verdana was everywhere, and now it was in one more place. It was becoming a non-font that we don’t even register. Which is precisely why it was so effective, and exactly why it was chosen.


via: Why IKEA’s font switch from Futura to Verdana mattered | National Post.

PS: for people that also missed it and want to see the differences:

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What programmers font (monospaced!) do you like best?

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/05/08

Lucida Console Sample (thanks Wikimedia!)

Lucida Console Sample (thanks Wikimedia!)

I’m in search to see if there is a better programmers font than the monospaced Lucida Console mainly to be used in Visual Studio, Delphi, the Windows console, Xcode and Eclipse. What I love about Lucida Console design is the relatively large x-height combined with a small leading (often called “line height”). This combines very readable text, and a lot of code lines in view. Lucida has two small drawbacks, see the second image at the right:

  • The captial O and digit 0 (zero) are very similar.
  • Some uppercase/lowercase character pairs are alike (because of the large x-height)

But, since the font hasn’t been updated for a very long time, lots of Unicode code points that are now in current fonts, are missing from Lucida Console (unless you buy the [Waybackmost recent version that has 666 characters from Well, there are dozens of monospaced fonts around, so I wonder: which ones do you like? In the mean while, I’m going to do some experimenting with fonts mentioned in these lists:CcKkOoSsUuVvWwXxZz are much alike.

A few fonts I’m considering (I only want scalable fonts, so raster .fon files are out):

I have tried Adobe Source Code Pro about half a year ago. That didn’t cut it: problem with italics in Delphi, and not enough lines per screen. [WaybackNew Open Source monospaced font from Adobe: Source Code Pro.


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New Open Source monospaced font from Adobe: Source Code Pro

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/09/30

Last week, Adobe launched the monospaced Open Source font [Wayback] Source Code Pro designed by [WaybackPaul D. Hunt.

It is a follow-up of the (also designed by Paul) [WaybackSource Sans Pro family of Open Source Fonts which got released early last month.

I did a quick look to see if it would get the same number of vertical lines as Lucida Console does at 8 points.

  • Lucida Console: 50 lines
  • Source Code Pro: 40 lines

Too bad, as the general font design is awesome.

One big missing thing is italic/oblique, which is often used in code editors. Hopefully a future version will include those.

For embedding source code examples in documentation, it is very legible, so I will keep it installed on my system.

You can try Source Code Pro yourself as well: it is available [Waybackon SourceForge – that also hosts [WaybackOpen@Adobe – [Waybackon GitHub, where you can fork it, as well as [Waybackon Google Web Fonts, [Wayback] on typekit, and [Waybackon WebINK.


via: [WaybackAnnouncing Source Code Pro « Typblography.

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