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Archive for the ‘WWW – the World Wide Web of information’ Category

Some LCID links and notes

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/02/10

Document locations changed, so here are some links to newer and older documentation on LCID related things:

More Delphi related links:



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WordPress blog URLs using post-ID: Using Permalinks « WordPress Codex

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/10/23

[WayBack] Using Permalinks « WordPress Codex:

So for instance points to Delphi version info table: C# Builder, Delphi 8 through 10.3 Rio and Appbuilder despite the actual URL not fully matching the title (because I do not like link rot):


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Ken Thompson – quotes – Reflections on Trust

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/12/21

Some of the [WaybackKen Thompson – Wikiquote entries come from a great [Wayback1983 ACM Turing Award Acceptance Lecture [Wayback“Reflections on Trusting Trust”.

That lecture used to be on

But it isn’t, and was not in the WayBack machine and neither in the Google Cache [] because of the [Wayback/] robots.txt. Historic link rot galore!

Edit 20210728: by now it is in the Wayback machine again; the earliest archived copy is from 2001, it also shows that as of april 2015 it is gone from the bell labs server.

The lecture is about [Wayback] compiler viruses and viruses actually did this at least a few times: Wayback: Delphi in 2009 and to [WaybackXCode in 2015.

A few nice links from [WaybackACM Classic: Reflections on Trusting Trust – Google Groups though:

And archived versions of (I hope accurate) copies of the article:

Finally I found a PDF copy of the original ACM prints that Greg Ganger of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University has online. It’s archived too.


Further reading:

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P2V of an existing XP machine to Hyper-V to have an emergency fallback when retiring old XP physical machines

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/04/27

Edit 20210727:

  • A lot of the links below have died due to link rot (sometimes even the domains have gone), but most of the WayBack machine links marked [Wayback] still work.
  • The same stop [Wayback] stop 0x0000007B can happen when converting a physical machine to VMware (I will schedule a separate post about this):

    Windows XP Virtual Machine failing with stop 0x0000007B

    Windows XP Virtual Machine failing with stop 0x0000007B


  1. Put the SATA disk of the XP machine in a different one.
  2. Disk2Vhd on the new machine to create a VHDX of the XP hard disk.
  3. Install Hyper-V on the target Windows 8.1 machine (you need at least Pro for that).
  4. Setup the base VM directory.
  5. Setup a virtual network switch (decide if you want it to be internal, external or private, then bind it to a network adapter if needed).
  6. Add a new VM.
  7. Assign a new directory to it.
  8. Assign memory to it.
  9. Assign the virtual network switch to it.
  10. Save it.
  11. Edit the settings, then bind the DVD drive on the IDE controller 1 to C:\Windows\System32\vmguest.iso.
  12. Connect to the VM.
  13. Start it.
  14. If you get a stop 0x0000007B (usually because of SATA/AHCI/IDE or other MassStorage controller driver issues), then read [Wayback] Jon’s Project Blog » disk2vhd using [WaybackUBCD for Windows to solve the issue as there is no BIOS screen in Hyper-V that allows you to switch from AHCI to SATA and back.
  15. Note: you cannot perform UBCD4Win when you access the Hyper-V host through Microsoft Remote Desktop (the mouse will not work at all, and most keyboard shortcuts will not work either; [WaybackVirtual Machine Connection Key Combinations with Hyper-V – Ben Armstrong – Site Home – MSDN Blogs does not apply).
  16. Boot.
  17. Register Windows (you might need to do extra work to go from OEM to Retail here).
  18. Remove hidden devices that are not used any more and their drivers.
  19. Setup a backup schedule.

Some links that helped me get at these steps:


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Link update because of rot (*nix – Mastering the VI editor)

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/09/17

Link rot stroke again: New link for Mastering the VI editor.

These are useful too:


via *nix – Mastering the VI editor « The Wiert Corner – irregular stream of Wiert stuff.

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