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Archive for the ‘GitHub’ Category

Githunt – Chrome Web Store – discover new github projects in your technology area of interest

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/06/10 Githunt – Chrome Web Store: Replace the new tab with a list of trending repositories on github belonging to any technology that you chose.

More information: [WayBack] How to get trending GitHub projects in your Chrome new tab screen with GitHunt


via: [WayBack] This is how I discover new and interesting open source Delphi/Pascal projects – install Githunt and it replaces my ‘new tab’ page, there I set the langu… – Edwin Yip – Google+

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RawGit is going away: redirect your content before October 2019 (it does disappear after that)

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/02/04

[WayBack] RawGit: RawGit served raw files directly from GitHub with proper Content-Type headers.

This means you have to redirect your existing RawGit links before October 2019, and you cannot add new links on RawGit.

You might want to try alternatives, for instance this one I mentioned in 2017: – like but supports bitbucket as well and runs on plain nginx.

[WayBack] serves raw files directly from GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab with proper Content-Type headers.

There are some other options that RawGit itself mentions:

What you should use instead

The following free services offer fantastic alternatives to some or all of RawGit’s functionality. You may like them even more than RawGit.

RawGit source is still at [WayBack] GitHub – rgrove/rawgit: Served files from, but with the correct content types., so if you want to host your own alternative you can.

It means I need to change these pages:



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git on Windows: prevent “The requested URL returned error: 403” during push of https based repository

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/01/10

When you search for git push "The requested URL returned error: 403", then the usual answer is “use ssh over https”, for instance at [WayBackgithub – Pushing to Git returning Error Code 403 fatal: HTTP request failed – Stack Overflow.

However, lots of places (especially larger corporations and financials) limit outgoing traffic to http and https based for (often perceived) security reasons.

In this case, I needed a solution for Windows, which – after a long search – found two solutions that are below.

I use the repository as an example, but it isn’t limited to GitLab: the same symptoms happen with other hosters as well (for instance on GitHub and BitBucket):

First what doesn’t work: they all give the same 403 message.

  1. Installing a newer git version (I tried git version
  2. have the plain URL:
  3. put just the username or e-mail address in the URL
  4. put just the username or e-mail address in the URL with a blank password
  5. for the four above, add the caching credential helper then add a credential:

What could work

The first thing that works is to include the actual password in the repository URL like this:

When you enter the correct password, everything is fine. Except that the password is stored as plain text on disk.

What works

The real solution on Windows is to use the Windows Credential Manager. I found this because of the 5th failure above.

To see which username/password combinations have been stored or add your own, you can start the Credential Manager on the command-line like this (each Windows version seems to have a different path to the UI from the control panel; the console trick just works on all Windows versions I tested):

%windir%\explorer.exe shell:::{1206F5F1-0569-412C-8FEC-3204630DFB70}

Note the above was the reason for writing List of Shell GUIDs for various Windows versions for use in shortcuts and batch files.

What might work on non-Windows systems

I have the impression that the “cached” credential manager will work on non-Windows systems, but need to find some time testing that on multiple platforms. Stay tuned (:

For that I need to look into at least these:


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URL query string for searching own GitHub Gists (via: Stack Overflow)

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/12/21

Is there a URL query string for searching own GitHub Gists? – Stack Overflow.

Yes, there is, and search terms search within your gists too:

More search parameters are at



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About Blocks –

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/12/20

[WayBackAbout Blocks – is so cool:

Bl.ocks (pronounced “Blocks”) is a simple viewer for sharing code examples hosted on GitHub Gist.

The main source for your example is in index.html. This file can contain relative links to other files in your Gist, such as images, scripts or stylesheets. And of course you can use absolute links, such as CDN-hosted D3jQuery or Leaflet. To explain your example, add a written in Markdown. (You can omit the index.html if you just want to write, too.)

[WayBack] Code-only-Blocks are cool too:

When your Gist is missing an index.html file, will hide the example iframe but continue to display everything else.

Just compare these:


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