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Archive for the ‘Infrastructure’ Category

Amazon EC2 Instance Comparison, and RDS Instance comparison

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/09/14

When you have the forrest and trees problem on Amazon Instances, then these will help a lot:

It is open source too: [WayBack] GitHub – powdahound/ Amazon EC2 instance comparison site

Found this because I wanted to know instance difference because the 2018 addition of local NVMe storage to C5/M5 instances:


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networking – Whitelist Windows Update Servers – Super User

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/07/31

For my link archive: networking – Whitelist Windows Update Servers – Super User

Because there are brain dead routers that do not allow for wildcards, or whitelisting only a certain protocol for a URL, call a URL, but then also accept


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Squirrel · GitHub: Server-driven updates for native apps

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/07/23

Reminder to self as I might need it one day:

Server-driven updates for native apps (Windows/Mac/iOS)

[WayBack]Squirrel · GitHub

Via: [WayBackHow do you deploy and update desktop applications? Carl and Richard talk to Paul Betts about the open source project called Squirrel – https://github.c… – .NET Rocks! – Google+


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Why and how GitLab abandoned Microsoft Azure for Google Cloud | VentureBeat

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/07/22

Reminder to self to check out how this move went: [WayBack] Why and how GitLab abandoned Microsoft Azure for Google Cloud | VentureBeat.

Via [WayBack] Kristian Köhntopp – Google+


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GitHub – gamelinux/passivedns: A network sniffer that logs all DNS server replies for use in a passive DNS setup

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/07/15

Cool tool: [WayBackGitHub – gamelinux/passivedns: A network sniffer that logs all DNS server replies for use in a passive DNS setup via [WayBack] How to log all my DNS queries? – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange (thanks mxmlnkn!).

It listens on port 53 for DNS requests then logs them to a file on regular intervals aggregating similar requests.

Usage is simple:

# passivedns -i ens32 -l /var/log/passivedns.log

[*] PassiveDNS 1.2.0
[*] By Edward Bjarte Fjellskål <>
[*] Using libpcap version 1.8.1
[*] Using ldns version 1.7.0
[*] Device: ens32
[*] Sniffing...

There are more options in the docs (it can do a lot including export to databases for querying), but this simple one allows you to just grep over abusive hosts like [WayBack] Nice when someone in Dallas using is querying your DNS infrastructure for many permutations of domains… · GitHub

Originating in 2013 ([WayBack] PassiveDNS version 1.0 | GameLinux), it still is being maintained.

It uses libpcap for sniffing and I ran it on separate machine hooked to a vSwitch configured in promiscuous mode so it sees all network traffic from that particular network segment.

There is a not fully up-to-date package available for various OpenSuSE releases (including Tumbleweed) [WayBack] Install package home:mnhauke:security / passivedns. It is x86_64 only, so if you want to run it on ARM, or want a more recent version then you need to build it yourself, for instance by using this as a template: [WayBack] Show home:mnhauke:security / passivedns – openSUSE Build Service.

Next tool on my list to try: [WayBack] dnstracer(8) – Linux man page.


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