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Archive for the ‘Infrastructure’ Category

Yeller – The Worst Server Setup Mistake You Can Make

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/07/05

Always use UTC on your servers, as [WayBackYeller – The Worst Server Setup Mistake You Can Make: Setting the timezone to anything other than UTC.

Many many reasons. For me the number 1 is sanity.


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Friday Deploys, and other harmful BOFH memes – The Isoblog.

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/06/05

The answer to the meme on the right:

If you are having problems deploying on a Friday, you will have them at any time of the week. Your processes are broken.

Source: [WayBackFriday Deploys, and other harmful BOFH memes – The Isoblog.

via: [WayBack] Friday Deploys and other harmful BOFH memes – they need to die in a fire… – Kristian Köhntopp – Google+

Kristian argues that people finding the meme funny should get fired.

I still find it funny. Both in a way that I’m surprised so many BOFH are still there, as well as being happy that on many occasions I’ve helped making this a thing of the past or at least make organisations aware of the deployment risks and how to cope with them.

Do I need to change? Definitely: life is all about learning new things every day and change because of that.

Do I need go get out of a job or a new job? Likely at some point because life is all about change. Hopefully I’ve learned enough by then to find another gig where – in addition to applying my tech skills – I can spread awareness and knowledge. And learn new things. Did I tell about life is all about learning?

Related: [WayBack] by

Via: [WayBack] @michieltcs: I deploy on Fridays (and maybe you should too):


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How much is Google Cloud Latency between Regions?

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/01/11

Interesting post which links to an on-line overview of the current latencies:

Does anybody know about similar information about other big cloud providers like Amazon and Azure?


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DBA Blog 2.0: Installing Zabbix into Azure using a MySQL PaaS

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/01/04

Interesting: [WayBack] DBA Blog 2.0: Installing Zabbix into Azure using a MySQL PaaS


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Start-up or Pokémon? Big-data or Pokémon?

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/12/17

Remember the introduction of Pokémon during summer 2016? Despite usage being far less by now ([WayBack80 Amazing Pokemon Go Statistics and Facts) you might still recollect the odd names the Pokémon Go characters in the Pokédex had: [WayBackList of Pokémon – Wikipedia.

Back then I had the vague sense that some names reminded me of species, and others of companies. Both appeared to be true, for instance [WayBack] Seel looks awfully familiar to Seal. Domo has many meanings (including a Dutch dairy desert). Oh, and [WayBack] Gloom has quite a few meanings so I’m OK with being confused.

So I was amused bumping into these a while back: Pokémon names versus those of names of start-up and big-data companies:

The quizes also have very funny descriptions of what the companies behind the names stand (stood?) for, like “Hadoop is distributed system for counting words”.

Via many, including:

Maybe I should turn the GitHub repository in to a Google Assistant Trivia questionaire using a Google Sheet.


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