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Archive for the ‘Hardware’ Category

(53) Introducing the “Lab in a Box” Concept – Patrick Titiano & Kevin Hilman, BayLibre – YouTube

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/08/13

Related: Introducing The “Lab in a Box” Concept (ELC-E-2017-Prague).pdf



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Basically, all Harman Kardon amplifiers (including subwoofers) show power supply issues after a few years

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/07/26

Experienced first hand myself, all my Harman Kardon amplifier equipment (including subwoofer) have shown power supply issues after about 2 years of use.

Signs are devices not powering up any more, giving only a limited amount of power (for instance a subwoofer only blinking the power led), or intermittent shutdown failure (more often when it is warmer than 22 degrees Celsius).

There are companies making a living of just these power repairs (for instance who git all my defective equipment to work again for about EUR 100 per device: [WayBack] Harman Kardon –

This is how you remove the power supplies:

The biggest issues are failing capacitors, and glue becoming conductive.

Related blog posts:

Some videos below the fold.


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Solid State vs. Electromechanical Relays |

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/06/27

For my reading list: [WayBack] Solid State vs. Electromechanical Relays |

When you need a power switching solution, you are faced with two competing technologies – electromechanical relays and solid state relays. So which is the right choice for your design?

Keywords: SSR versus EMR, SPDT



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Varios DELL machines having an unknown device ACPI\DELLABC6 – it is the WiFi switch support – via Dell Community

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/06/17

It looks like many Dell machines suffer from this: devmgmt.msc indicating an unknown device with identification ACPI\DELLABC6.

The odd thing is that the tool known for 10+ years as Dell Detect, but got renamed into SupportAssist does not detect that Windows needs drivers for it.

So a bunch of posts:

They lead to these download:

  1. [WayBack] Dell WLAN Radio Switch Driver | Dell US with [WayBackDell-WLAN-Radio-Switch-Driver_JK9WM_WIN_1.0.0.9_A05.EXE
  2. [WayBack] Dell Airplane Mode Switch Driver | Dell US with [WayBackFOLDER03137561M/1/Network_Driver_PX8MM_WN64_1.0.0_A00.EXE

The first of these works on a Dell Precision 7710 perfectly fine.

The odd thing: without the driver, pressing Fn+PrtScr (turn off/on WiFi radios) just works (for details on that key combination, see [WayBack] How to Turn the Wireless Devices on a Dell Notebook On and Off | Dell US or[WayBack] Dell Precision 7710 Mobile Workstation Keyboard Guide | Dell US)


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how to install OS remotly using Supermicro IPMI? – Server Fault

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/05/31

I wasn’t aware that IPMI more recent than 3.3 also supports virtual media, but in retrospect it’s very logical it does. When managing remote machines, you don’t walk up to it to switch physical media (:

Worked splendid on my X10SRH-CF based server, and even supports SMB based network shares.

The how-to is very simple, steps are for instance at these links:

Note: the for IPMI mounted ISO images, I found out that they will not work in UEFI mode and that you have to switch your BIOS back to LEGACY boot mode:

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