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Archive for the ‘USB’ Category

That duh moment when you cannot read an SD card: it’s SDHC/SDXC in an SD card reader; Secure Digital – Wikipedia

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/02/18

That moment you facepalm yourself because you forgot that particular machine won’t read SD cards because they are too big for the SD card reader in it: SD goes up to 4 gigabyte, anything bigger (nowadays basically everything) requires SDXC or SDHC compatible readers.

Quotes from Wikipedia:

However, older host devices do not recognize SDHC or SDXC memory cards, although some devices can do so through a firmware upgrade.[11] Older Windows operating systems released before Windows 7 require patches or service packs to support access to SDHC cards.[12][13][14]

Older host devices generally do not support newer card formats, and even when they might support the bus interface used by the card,[6]there are several factors that arise:

  • A newer card may offer greater capacity than the host device can handle (over 4 GB for SDHC, over 32 GB for SDXC).
  • A newer card may use a file system the host device cannot navigate (FAT32 for SDHC, exFAT for SDXC)
  • Use of an SDIO card requires the host device be designed for the input/output functions the card provides.
  • The hardware interface of the card was changed starting with the version 2.0 (new high-speed bus clocks, redefinition of storage capacity bits) and SDHC family (Ultra-high speed (UHS) bus)
  • UHS-II has physically more pins but is backwards compatible to UHS-I and non-UHS for both slot and card.[27]
  • Some vendors produced SDSC cards above 1GB before the SDA had standardized a method of doing so.
SD compatibility table
SDSC card SDHC card SDHC UHS card SDXC card SDXC UHS card SDIO card
SDSC slot Yes No No No No No
SDHC slot Yes Yes Yes[a] No No No
SDHC UHS slot Yes[a] Yes[a] Yes[b] No No No
SDXC slot Yes Yes Yes[a] Yes Yes[a] No
SDXC UHS slot Yes[a] Yes[a] Yes[b] Yes[a] Yes[b] No
SDIO slot Varies Varies Varies Varies Varies Yes


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The tragedy of FireWire: Collaborative tech torpedoed by corporations | Ars Technica

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/11/26

Another piece of history: FireWire also known as IEEE-1394 [WayBack].

[WayBackThe tragedy of FireWire: Collaborative tech torpedoed by corporations | Ars Technica

I still have that iPod, cables and IEEE-1394 adapters to communicate with it (:

It didn’t help that by now various types of connections – including FireWire, USB and others –  are also used for DMA hacking. One less connection type, one less risk of entry:

via: [WayBack] Firewire and what could have been.. – Roderick Gadellaa – Google+ and [WayBackFred Dresken (Maverick) – Google+



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It’s 2018 and USB Type-C is still a mess – Android Authority

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/11/05

Via: [WayBack] USB-C Cable Mess I just got a new smartphone, with USB-C of course. I have a mobile external SSD, which can easily be connected as an OTG device to sai… – Jürgen Christoffel – Google+


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Going to test some USB 3 gigabit ethernet adapters based on Realtek RTL8153 and Asix AX88179 chips

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/07/27

Later on, I might add a USB31000S in the mix, but I will do some initial testing with USB 3 gigabit ethernet adapters based on Realtek RTL8153 and Asix AX88179 chips.

Things I will focus on with my Retina MacBook Pro 2015 model are:

  • CPU usage
  • Throughput
  • Duration between reconnect on USB after suspend, and renewing the DHCP lease
  • Promiscuous mode capabilities

Some links for my references:

A first impression from the above links is that for Realtek chipset based devices, drivers are more readily included in operating systems, and these chipsets are better at VLAN handling.


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BensonApproved – USB Type-C

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/04/13

Cables that really work well: [WayBack] BensonApproved – USB Type-C

Related to USB-C charging cables: not always as good as you’d think.


Via: [WayBack] [Q] Goeie USB-C kabel(s)? Ik ben op zoek naar een goeie usb-c kabels, liefst een beetje betaalbaar. Als ik bijvoorbeeld bij de Mediamarkt kijk (I know,… – Roderick Gadellaa – Google+


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