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Archive for the ‘Electronics Development’ Category

Wirk-, Blind- und Scheinleistung auch für Nicht-Elektroniker

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/11/29

Endlich eine Sinnvolle Definition der 3 Leistungsarten: Wirk-, Blind- und Scheinleistung auch für Nicht-Elektroniker

[WayBackleistungen.gif (746×746)

Source [WayBackMTM-Mess- & Stromversorgungstechnik e.U.: Bibliothek – Elektro Humor

Via [WayBack] Erich K – Google+


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C13/C14 wiring diagram live/neutral/earth

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/12/02

Edit 20200713: The original wiring in this article was wrong, thanks Jules Vape for pointing this out in the comments.

This is the correct wiring according to IEC 60320 – Wikipedia: C13/C14_coupler: File:IEC60320 C13.jpg – Wikipedia

  • Facing the female connector:
    • Left: Neutral
    • Middle: Protective Earth
    • Right: Live
  • Facing the male jack:
    • Left: Live
    • Middle: Protective Earth
    • Right: Neutral

The same information from [WayBack] IEC 60320 (IEC 320) Reference Chart – IEC 60320 Connectors & Plugs | StayOnline:

IEC-60320 Plugs and Connectors
International North America Wires Poles
250 Volts
10 Amps
125/250 Volts
15 Amps
3 Wires 2 Poles

Wiring colours

If you wire it, the colours depend on where you live. I live in the Netherlands so this shortened table does apply:

IEC (most of Europe) AC power circuit wiring color codes.

Function label Color, IEC Color, old IEC
Protective earth PE green-yellow green-yellow
Neutral N blue blue
Line, single phase L brown brown or black

Longer tables and infographics are here:



Original wrong wiring:

So thanks but no thanks Simon Carter for this wrong info (live and neutral are reversed in his image):

C14 (male; left) and C13 (female; right)

C14 (male; left) and C13 (female; right)

Viewing a socket (line or chassis) from the front, i.e. the side that the plug fits into, the connections are:

  • Left Pin: Neutral
  • Centre Pin: Earth
  • Right Pin: Live

Source: Electronics 2000 | Pin-outs | IEC Connectors


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Low power desktop – via: 8.5W Core i3-based desktop computer (English) – mux’ blog

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/08/12

Emile Nijssen, Dutch student Electronics at the Delft University of Technology wrote an interesting English 8.5W Core i3-based desktop computer abstract of a Dutch series of post getting a Desktop setup running far under 10W.

Though about 2 years old, they are immensely useful as not many people have thoroughly researched all that, and the info is still very applicable on more today’s hardware.

I got there because I was looking for some real world usage of VMP3203 DC/DC converters at 5V output that you can really well priced on DealExtreme (the PDF of the “datasheet” seems offline, but there is a Google cache of it).

If you can read/translate Dutch, this is the series (be sure to read the comments, as those contain about 25% of the info):

  1. Teaser: Core i3 desktopsysteem @ 10W idle… – mux’ blog.
  2. 10W core i3 systeem – de voorbereidingen – mux’ blog.
  3. 10W i3 systeem – de treinreis – mux’ blog.
  4. 10W i3 systeem – undervolten en hardwaremods! – mux’ blog.
  5. 10W i3-systeem: nu voor maar 8.5W! – mux’ blog.

He even won a prize of EUR 2500 with this design!

Great work!


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