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Archive for the ‘History’ Category

Turbo Pascal 7 compatible compiler for 8051 microcontrollers…

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/08/21

I had seen this before, but was glad about the reminder to put it in my blog: [WayBack] OMG, there is Turbo Pascal 7 compatible compiler for 8051 microcontrollers! – Primož Gabrijelčič – Google+:

[WayBack] Full-featured free Pascal compiler for 8051 microcontrollers, Borland Turbo Pascal 7 syntax, multi-pass optimizer, generates bin, hex, OMF-51 and asm source.

Program Turbo51;
Uses FastCompiler, AdvancedOptimizations, SmartLinker, AseemblerFileGenerator;
//  Turbo51 is released as freeware. You can download it and use it for FREE.
//  However, if you like Turbo51 you can donate some small amount via PayPal.
//  Donations are a great way to show your appreciation for my software.
    While ThereIsAProblem do
      Case ProblemSolved of
        True: Break;
        else  AskForHelp;
    If InstalledVersion < '' then Update;
    If Satisfied then Donate ($20);
  until NoMoreProjects;


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Applesauce – Make exact images of copy-protected Apple II floppy disks | Hacker News

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/07/08

I might want to try and buy one of these: [WayBack] Applesauce – Make exact images of copy-protected Apple II floppy disks | Hacker News.

A truckload of information is at [WayBack] Applesauce – The ReActiveMicro Apple II Wiki

It is still being updated: [WayBack] applesauce – Apple II Floppy Drive Controller

Via [WayBack] This week, in 6502-related hardware, the Applesauce: a Disk II imaging kit for your Apple II disks. Thanks to the minimal nature of Woz’ disk interface,… – mos6502 – Google+

Related: [WayBack] Confessions of a Disk Cracker: The Secrets of 4am | Hacker News

Videos below the fold…


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As true today as it was when the book was written. “The psychology of computer programming” by @JerryWeinberg, 1971.

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/07/02

@ingorammer on Twitter [WayBack] a while back:

As true today as it was when the book was written. “The psychology of computer programming” by @JerryWeinberg, 1971:

Specifications evolve together with programs and programmers. Writing a programis a process of learning – both for the programmer and the person who commissions the program. Morover, this learning takes place in the context of a particular machine, a particular programming language, a particular programmer or programming team in a particular working environment, and a particular set of historical events that determine not just the form of the code but also what the code does!



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Grandparents on my mothers side

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/06/29

This is so long ago, at an age so young, I barely had a recollection:

Of the names below, a few passed away too: Sander died when he was very young, Mats 20 years ago, and Frits 15 years ago.


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Insentricity :: Kermit on the JAIR 8080 ::

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/05/22

Cool: [WayBackInsentricity :: Kermit on the JAIR 8080 ::

Repository: [WayBackFozzTexx/Kermit-CPM: Columbia University’s Kermit for CP/M


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