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delphi – Can I use an Edit Mask to format output? (not just validate input) – Stack Overflow

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/10/27

From a while ago, and – being on the back-end side mostly – I sometimes forget: [WayBack] delphi – Can I use an Edit Mask to format output? (not just validate input) – Stack Overflow

You can use the TField.OnGetText event or TNumericField.DisplayFormat property to modify how the text is being displayed.

Since you have a TStringField holding numbers, you have two choices:

  • use a TNumericField and the DisplayFormat property
  • use the OnGetText event and do your own string formatting


Sam used this approach:

I implemented OnSetText and OnGetText event handlers. I already had the Edit Mask 9999 9999 9999 9999;1;_ so the OnSetText was just

TStringField(Sender).Value := Trim(Text);

and OnGetText was just

sValue := TStringField(Sender).Value;  
Text := Format('%s %s %s %s', [Copy(sValue, 1, 4), Copy(sValue, 5, 4), Copy(sValue, 9, 4), Copy(sValue, 13, 4)]);

It works fine. Thanks.


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