Capability Description Values
platformName Which mobile OS platform to use iOSAndroid, or FirefoxOS
platformVersion Mobile OS version e.g., 7.14.4
deviceName The kind of mobile device or emulator to use iPhone SimulatoriPad SimulatoriPhone Retina 4-inchAndroid EmulatorGalaxy S4, etc…. On iOS, this should be one of the valid devices returned by instruments with instruments -s devices. On Android this capability is currently ignored, though it remains required.
app The absolute local path or remote http URL to a .ipa file (IOS), .app folder (IOS Simulator), .apk file (Android) or .apks file (Android App Bundle), or a .zip file containing one of these (for .app, the .app folder must be the root of the zip file). Appium will attempt to install this app binary on the appropriate device first. Note that this capability is not required for Android if you specify appPackage and appActivity capabilities (see below). Incompatible with browserName. See here about .apks file. /abs/path/to/my.apk or
newCommandTimeout How long (in seconds) Appium will wait for a new command from the client before assuming the client quit and ending the session e.g. 60