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Delphi: get timestamp as ISO8601 string for use in filenames

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/10/21

On Windows, filenames do not like some characters (including : and +), so this is a quick way to get a timestamp into ISO8601 format that is compatible with filenames.

TimeStamp := Now();
StartIso8601String := DateToISO8601(TimeStamp, False).Replace('-', '').Replace(':', '') //

It Depends on the [WayBackSystem.DateUtils unit which had the [WayBackDateToISO8601 function [Archive.isadded in Delphi XE6.

A poor man’s solution (that skips timezones altogether) is this one:

FormatDateTime('yyyymmdd''T''hhnnss''.''zzz', TimeStamp); // note quoted T and ., as otherwise they will be expanded.


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