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Remeha error code E5

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/04/28

Some notes as we got an error code 5 (the display showing E5) a while ago.

Our solution was to keep the reset button pressed for a few seconds, then wait for a “reboot” to happen.

Videos from someone else having searched for the E5 cause for 2 months:

  1. After 5 tries to fire up, it gives error E 5.
  2. For this particular device, the problem occurs multiple times a day with various intervals between ignitions.
  3. Rarely it generates error E6 in stead of E5.
  4. Most often it needs more than one but less than five ignition attempts, so then it does not generate an error.
  5. The actual cause is a too low ionisation current: the current needs to be between 3 and 9 microAmpere.

E6 was already hinting at a faulty transformer, but the ionisation current definitely confirms that.

Manuals (the first two are almost identical):


Need to contact these in case of trouble as they are experienced:

Later: we ran into the above problem as well; the problem was the ignition transformer that could not keep the gas ignition current between 3 and 9 µA. The solution was this Remeha part [WayBackRemeha ontstekingstrafo (incl. ionisatieelectrode) S100012 | Warmteservice. We got there after replacing the burner gasket ring [WayBackRemeha pakkingring voor brander S103172 | Warmteservice that often solves the problem, is much cheaper and should be replaced every 2 years anyway.

See also



2 Responses to “Remeha error code E5”

  1. Danny toberts said

    Renegade boilers are absolutely terrible,problems with it from 4 months old and every year since

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