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Archive for June, 2018

Delphi: formatting uses lists to each unit is on a separate line

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/06/29

Delphi formatter setting, so I can manually arrange uses lists:


Uwe Raabe commented on G+:

Also available in MMX Code Explorer in the settings dialog: Pascal -Sorting – Format unit uses clauses – “Each unit on a new line”.
If you prefer the standard setting and spare the other for special purpose, there is “Format Uses – Alternate” in the context menu. Perhaps give it a decent shortcut for quick access.

Bernd Ott in the same thread:

Important because scm. Less merge trouble. Only the last semicolon in last row is always stupid.

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VM disk sizes

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/06/29

I forgot to schedule the post below. It is still relevant if you create a machine with lots of Delphi versions on it.

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When you cannot RDP to a target because of “CredSSP-encryption Oracle remediation”: apply your target security patches.

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/06/29

If you get the below error, then your RDP target server needs to be patched.

You can choose to stay vulnerable and modify your policy or registry settings as explained in the first linked article below: that is a temporary “workaround” which I do not recommend. Please update your RDP target servers in stead.


[Window Title]
Remote Desktop Connection

An authentication error has occurred.
The function requested is not supported

Remote computer:
This could be due to CredSSP-encryption Oracle remediation.
For more information, see


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Wer kann mir erklären: Warum braucht ein Windows10-Update heute immer noch me…

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/06/29

Some historic perspective (although on Windows since quite a long time, you can rename files before replacing them: that works very well):

[WayBack] Wer kann mir erklären: Warum braucht ein Windows10-Update heute immer noch mehrere Reboots? – Kristian Köhntopp – Google+

Zu MS-DOS Zeiten gab es kein Netz und kein Multiprocessing. Als Netz und Fileshares dann dazu kamen, funktionierten viele Anwendungen nicht korrekt.

Zu dieser Zeit hat Microsoft die Entscheidung getroffen, vom Betriebssystem aus Mandatory File Locking für geöffnete Dateien zu implementieren, es sei denn, ein Prozeß stellt das von sich aus anders ein.

Mandatory File Locking heißt in diesem Fall, daß nix und niemand eine Datei anfassen kann, die offen ist, Ein laufendes Executeable, eine DLL oder ein Logfile sind aber immer offen.

Daher gibt es einen Reboot Hook, mit dem ein Updater Dateiersetzungen für einen System Neustart hinterlegen kann. Beim Reboot werden die Dateien dann schnell ausgetauscht bevor sie geöffnet werden.


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Solving “HHC6003: Error: The file Itircl.dll has not been registered correctly” – “Microsoft HTML Help Compiler 4.74.8702”

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/06/29

When generating the Spring4D documentation at using Documentation Insight by DevJet, I got this error:

HHC6003: Error: The file Itircl.dll has not been registered correctly.
Microsoft HTML Help Compiler 4.74.8702

Solving it turned out easy:

regsvr32 "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Documentation Insight 3\Compilers\CHM\itcc.dll"

I got there via [WayBackHTML Help FAQ –

“HHC6003: The file itircl.dll has not been registered correctly”

This error effects only a small number of users. A HH component (c:\windows\system\itcc.dll) did not get installed or registered correctly. If not installed get the DLL from another PC containing Workshop. To register the DLL run
regsvr32 c:\windows\system\itcc.dll (this path may be different for your PC – eg. c:\winnnt\system32).

This fix was originally reported by MVP David Liske: [WayBack


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