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Archive for June 28th, 2018

Delphi still doesn’t raise overflow exception on Int64 multiplication…

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/06/28

Thanks to Stefan Glienke for pointing me at the below patch for [WayBack] Why doesn’t raise overflow exception on multiplication example or how to detect in this case?{$RANGECHECKS ON} {$OVERFLOWCHECKS ON}varvalue: Int64;… – Rafael Dipold – Google+.

It’s basically an issue in __llmulo that has been documented but not solved since “forever”:

some people “some while ago” reported this and even posted a solution: [WayBack]¬†

And there it is again: [WayBack]

And most recently:

FWIW here is a runtime patch that corrects this (using the version posted in QC#119146):

The bug tracking of the Delphi team is so bad, that some of the reports actually mark this issue “As Designed” like in [WayBack]¬†

The below patch requires rights to call [WayBack] WriteProcessMemory as documented in [WayBack] How to Read and Write Other Process Memory.


Patch at [WayBack]

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Some notes on what errors you get when using a gds32.dll not matching your Firebird or InterBase

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/06/28

These were some of the errors and error fragments I got when I had the wrong gds32.dll or wrong Database engine:

  • I/O error during "CreateFile (open)" operation for file "C:\PROGRAMDATA\EMBARCADERO\INTERBASE\GDS_DB\EXAMPLES\DATABASE\EMPLOYEE.GDB"
  • connection rejected by remote interface

Since I used IBX, they were all inside EInterbaseError  exception instances.

The bad thing: with IBX you cannot specify your gds32.dll: you have to ensure the right version/architecture is loaded by your executable.


via: Source: Delphi, IBX and the Turkish I problem

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