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Archive for the ‘Delphi’ Category

Delphi “F2039 Could not create output file” on drc files

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/01/19

I had this error when building my Delphi app and needing detailed MAP files.

Somehow, then Delphi also tries to generate .drc files and fails.

Performing the “F2039 Could not create output file” drc – Google Search didn’t reveal much.

So I fired up Process Monitor and looked for file access patterns (see dump below), that all were OK.

Then I opened Windows Explorer and saw freshly generated .DRC files marked as some type of VLC Player file. I’ve had loads of trouble with VLC in the past, but I inherited this PC so I didn’t notice VLC Player was installed by the previous developer.

Lesson learned: when starting a gig, always request a fresh PC

So I uninstalled VLC Player and now everything works fine.

Oh btw: .DRC files are Delphi Resource String files.


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An exponential back-off implementation I used somewhere; probably room for improvement, but it works good enough.

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/01/17

I will probably need this again somewhere in the future: An exponential back-off implementation I used somewhere; probably room for improvement, but it works good enough.

It’s Delphi, but I’ve not seen practical implementations in C# either.


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RSS feed for Dave’s Development Blog – mostly OTA articles on the Open Tools API for Delphi and C++ Builder

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/01/16


Since there is no RSS link  on the page [WayBackDave’s Development Blog – Software Development using Borland / Codegear / Embarcadero RAD Studio

Since I wanted to follow his “blog” (which is sort of a collection of WordPress pages, mainly about the programming OTA: the Open Tools API interface to Delphi and C++ Builder), I was looking for the RSS feed.

Luckily, Feedly knows how to detect most blogging platforms, so it came up with which indicates the final bit is the RSS feed URL.

Some interesting links from there:

via: [WayBackOTA Interface Search 1.1 and GitHub…


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Tool for licensing and protect my Delphi Win32 apps – Stack Overflow

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/01/11

I like the opinion of Mason Wheeler best. This is the shortened version:

… Only a perfect licensing system would actually do you any good, and there’s no such thing. And in the age of the Internet, if your system isn’t perfect, all it takes is for one person anywhere in the world to produce a crack and upload it somewhere,

If you want people to pay for your software instead of just downloading it, the one and only way to do so is to make your software good enough that people are willing to pay money for it….

But if you insist on running the rat-race against the internet of crackers or your software is in such a niche that cracking is more costly than paying for a license: Tool for licensing and protect my Delphi Win32 apps – Stack Overflow


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Batch file to get a (non-sorted non-unique) list of units from a Delphi compiled map file

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/01/10

A few weeks ago in When you get “TfsScript.Execute” throwing a “Unregistered version of FastScript.” I wrote about “a process that explains any modules in the MAP file not resulting in DCU files”.

The below batch file aids in that process.

It takes a MAP file from your Delphi compiled executable that has debug information in text format which means you need to set your project linker options to generate detailed MAP files.

The Map Debug File (*.map) – RAD Studio documentation hasn’t much information but points to Detailed-Segments Map File – RAD Studio which has a bit more. Neither contain information on Delphi units as they focus too much on the C++ side of things. Then there is a tiny bit information in Understanding Delphi MAP File – Stack Overflow.

So I did some spelunking and came up with this batch-file which will likely work back until about the Delphi 7 era:

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