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Archive for the ‘Kylix’ Category

A bit of Kylix history…

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/10/03

Chris Rolliston: +Larry Hengen The Kylix IDE was a fork of the Delphi IDE and used WineLib. It was the applications you built with the Kylix IDE that were QT based.

Via [WayBack] I don’t mean to Whine but, if WINE is mature enough, why doesn’t EMBT officially test and support WINE for development on Mac OS/X and Linux for… – Larry Hengen – Google+

There is a bit of C++BuilderX history as well (which was based on JBuilder).



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Kylix: The Real Lowdown – I wrote this in 2000 too

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/03/23

A while ago – while researching yesterdays post – I came across the below article that I wrote back in august 2000 for The Delphi (by Pinnacle Publishing – long gone by now) and on-line at

I found a cached copy first at and back-tracked from there.

Since the wayback machine isn’t indexed, I salvaged the copy below.

On the Delphi Tokyo release yesterday [WayBackTokyo is available today! – Martin Sedgewick – Google+: I will only try that after Update 1 is released, but based on the [WayBackWhat’s New – RAD Studio:


  • Reintroduction of Linux support. Finally.
  • 64-bit as target: server side, the 32-bit days have been over for a long time
  • one-based strings (boy, I’m glad they didn’t continue on the zero-based strings they did on mobile)


  • No openSUSE support where SuSE was the primary partner during Kylix development and launch, just search SuSE kylix; heck the registration guide is still up at [WayBackSDB:Kylix – openSUSE
  • LLVM compiler as it is way too slow for my development cycles
  • ARC based

Time will tell if it works better for me than the .NET Core for Linux I’ve been using until now.

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Kylix: Delphi for Linux is on the Way! – I wrote this in 2000

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/03/22

Last year, when Warren Postma wrote, I started digging for some articles I wrote about Kylix (the Delphi for Linux at the start of this century).

The second article I found (Delphi for Linux is on the Way!) was actually the first one I wrote, so I’ve put the copy below. The second article will be in my blog tomorrow.

The article below first appeared at the Pinnacle Publishing site at as an article for “Delphi Developers Journal” that went out of business just like “Hardcore Delphi” and “Delphi Informant Magazine” went before (actually Blaise Pascal Magazine is about the only Delphi related magazine left).

I found the title of my article through then back-tracked the title via


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Now that Delphi will reintroduce Linux as a target: what features / support do you expect in the compiler and libraries?

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/02/17

Almost 2 decades after the first Delphi Linux support in [WayBackBorland Kylix by an full tool-chain (IDE, compiler, debugger, libraries) running on Linux, Embarcadero/Idera is about to support Linux again in a cross-compiler fashion that was originally scheduled for late 2016 as Delphi Godzilla [WayBackEmbarcadero RAD Studio 2016 Product Approach and Roadmap – Embarcadero Community and [WayBackLinux support for Delphi to be available end of 2016 – Synopse.

It seems to be finally getting here as Delphi 10.2 Tokyo when you look at the [] Delphi Linux Boot Camp promotion for instance at [WayBackDelphi Linux Boot Camp – Community Blogs – Embarcadero Community.

I’m curious at what people expect from it.

So please comment your expectations, for instance:

  • what Linux distribution targets
  • what processor architectures
  • what language support (ARC, classic, 1-based strings, etc)
  • what library support
  • what IDE support (like debugger features)
  • what speeds

If you want to get a head start, then read these:


PS: Please forgive any language/grammar mistakes as I’m a bit bored and very tired after waiting some six ours in the ER room [WayBack] Mentally retarded brother had a bicycle incident. Broke one of is cheekbones, his nose and parts of both orbits. At the ER of LUMC waiting for further r… – Jeroen Wiert Pluimers – Google+

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UCL as a Delphi package name suffix – remember before the KSDev days?

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/08/31

A while ago, I noticed the UCL as a suffix in a few 3rd party Delphi package names.

It was from a version close to the very first FireMonkey release. FireMonkey is based on the OpenGL based VGScene (and in part DirectX based [WayBack] DXScene) which was bought form KSDev in 2011.

Contrary to VGScene and DXScene, the early versions of FireMonkey were buggy and when updating to a new version you had to cope with a lot of breaking interface changes. In Delphi XE2 for instance, there were two totally different implementations (FMX for Windows and OS X; FMI for iOS) that merged after Delphi XE3.

Around Delphi XE6 it became more stable and now – apart from some design issues I wish they had done differently – it is coming along sort of OK for Windows and for cross-platform development.

Compared to the VCL you have a lot less HiDPI issues but the designer is much more layered (which gives you the same design-time pain as WPF) and the default “Live Binding” is still buggy as hell (though if you use something like MVVM or roll your own UI bindings it becomes bearable).

A long time ago – during the Kylix era – Borland developed the cross-platform CLX library which – for the UI part – was based on Qt and ran on both Windows and Linux.

It looks like before the KSDev take over there seemed to be a UCL (would that have been for Universal Component Library or Universal Control Library?) as the name pops up in quite a few package names.

Browsing through the source code I could not find any hints so I really wonder what UCL was about. Was it again based on Qt (which compared to the Kylix era has become much more mature and has widespread use) or a different technology like LCL (given that in Delphi XE2 they used FreePascal to compile for iOS)? I rule out OpenGL as otherwise the VGScene acquisition would have been done a lot earlier.


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