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Egardia/Woonveilig: some notes about logging on a local gateway to see more detailed information on the security system

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/02/23

A follow-up on Source: Some links with notes on WoonVeilig/Egardia security system communications, protocols and support by 3rd party home automation apps:

Notes on the Woonveilig/Egardia GATE-03 model alarm hub (where 192.168.x.y is the IPv4 address that hub):

  1. It still uses the plain-text insecure http to communicate, so it is wise to try and put it in a separate LAN apart from other systems.
  2. Logon is done using HTTP Basic access authentication.
  3. Woonveilig/Egardia by now prefers the XMPP prototol over the CID protocol (the CID protocol is still used by jeroenterheerdt/python-egardia.
    • You can find the configuration at http://192.168.x.y/setting/xmpp.htm.
    • XMPP protocol uses
      • as primary and as secondary server on port 443.
      • arg-####-auth  where ###### are the last 6 *lowercase* hexadecimal digits of the MAC address of the GATE-03.
      • a long password you can find in the plain-text of the http://192.168.x.y/action/xmppGet http GET request fired by http://192.168.x.y/setting/xmpp.htm.
  4. CID protocol address is ip:// where ###### are the last 6 *uppercase* hexadecimal digits of the MAC address of the GATE-03.
  5. User PIN-codes are not visible at the Woonveilig/Egardia alarm site, but they are at http://192.168.x.y/setting/userCode.htm together with their user names.
  6. Special PIN codes for Installer/Duress/Guard/Master/Temporary are at http://192.168.x.y/setting/codeSetting.htm and obtained via http://192.168.x.y/action/areaListGet and http://192.168.x.y/action/codeSettingGet
  7. On the CID protocol:

I got all of the above via: [Wayback/] GATE-03 system does not report to Egardiaserver · Issue #26 · jeroenterheerdt/python-egardia (which by coincidence used the same firmware I had: HSGW HPGW-L2-XA35H).

Which brings me to some Google search with some remarkable results:

So I did a quick look at LUPUS XT* based products:

Then at the Woonveilig/Egardia and Climax shops:


  • Egardia/Woonveilig sensors look remarkably similar to the LUPUS ones
  • LUPUS is a re-brand of Climax with slightly different firmware

Side note on open ports

  • Open ports on the [Wayback] GATE-03 alarm device:
    9/tcp   filtered discard
    25/tcp  filtered smtp
    80/tcp  open     http
    445/tcp filtered microsoft-ds
  • Open ports on the [Wayback] CAM-06 outdoor camera:
    9/tcp     filtered discard
    21/tcp    open     ftp          oftpd
    25/tcp    filtered smtp
    80/tcp    open     tcpwrapped
    445/tcp   filtered microsoft-ds
    554/tcp   open     rtsp
    711/tcp   open     cisco-tdp?
    1935/tcp  open     rtmp?
    6000/tcp  open     X11?
    49152/tcp open     upnp         Portable SDK for UPnP devices 1.6.17 (Linux 3.4.35; UPnP 1.0)



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