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Archive for the ‘Software Development’ Category

Poor man’s MMX: Delphi Live Templates for creating a property with a type which will auto- create the getter/setter

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/03/23

Delphi Live Templates for creating a property with a type which will auto- create the getter/setter: [XML] ipropgs – by Oliver Münzberg.

For when you think you can beat Model Maker Code Explorer.

via: Do any IDE add-ins have “interface completion”? I figure somebody must have done this by now? David Nottage – Google+


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Kylix: The Real Lowdown – I wrote this in 2000 too

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/03/23

A while ago – while researching yesterdays post – I came across the below article that I wrote back in august 2000 for The Delphi (by Pinnacle Publishing – long gone by now) and on-line at

I found a cached copy first at and back-tracked from there.

Since the wayback machine isn’t indexed, I salvaged the copy below.

On the Delphi Tokyo release yesterday [WayBackTokyo is available today! – Martin Sedgewick – Google+: I will only try that after Update 1 is released, but based on the [WayBackWhat’s New – RAD Studio:


  • Reintroduction of Linux support. Finally.
  • 64-bit as target: server side, the 32-bit days have been over for a long time
  • one-based strings (boy, I’m glad they didn’t continue on the zero-based strings they did on mobile)


  • No openSUSE support where SuSE was the primary partner during Kylix development and launch, just search SuSE kylix; heck the registration guide is still up at [WayBackSDB:Kylix – openSUSE
  • LLVM compiler as it is way too slow for my development cycles
  • ARC based

Time will tell if it works better for me than the .NET Core for Linux I’ve been using until now.

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Kylix: Delphi for Linux is on the Way! – I wrote this in 2000

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/03/22

Last year, when Warren Postma wrote, I started digging for some articles I wrote about Kylix (the Delphi for Linux at the start of this century).

The second article I found (Delphi for Linux is on the Way!) was actually the first one I wrote, so I’ve put the copy below. The second article will be in my blog tomorrow.

The article below first appeared at the Pinnacle Publishing site at as an article for “Delphi Developers Journal” that went out of business just like “Hardcore Delphi” and “Delphi Informant Magazine” went before (actually Blaise Pascal Magazine is about the only Delphi related magazine left).

I found the title of my article through then back-tracked the title via


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GExperts – when your predecessor has put it under the Tools menu

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/03/21

I totally forgot that GExperts can be under the Tools men

GExperts IDE configuration

GExperts IDE configuration

u (I’m so accustomed that Alt-X is GExperts and Alt-M is ModelMaker Code Explorer).

These keyboard shortcuts are only assigned when you install GExperts before you install ModelMaker Code Explorer.

If you reverse, then you have to fiddle by removing the ModelMaker Code Explorer expert, then re-add it.

Anyway: you can configure this in the “IDE” tab of the GExperts Configuration.

After that you have to restart the Delphi IDE to reflect the change.


Source: GExperts Help

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defrag.exe: tracking an already in progress operation can be done from non-admin session

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/03/17

When you want to defrag.exe (the built-in Windows one, not the SysInternals Windows NT4 one, so make sure SysInternals comes last in your path) a volume, you have to run it with an elevated UAC Admin token.

But I just found out that you can do this without an Admin token:

C:\Windows\System32>Defrag.exe C: /t /v /u
Microsoft Drive Optimizer
Copyright (c) 2013 Microsoft Corp.

Tracking operation on (C:)...

Performing pass 2:
        Free Space Consolidation:  31% complete...

This makes it much easier to separate monitoring scripting from execution.


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