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Now that Delphi will reintroduce Linux as a target: what features / support do you expect in the compiler and libraries?

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/02/17

Almost 2 decades after the first Delphi Linux support in [WayBackBorland Kylix by an full tool-chain (IDE, compiler, debugger, libraries) running on Linux, Embarcadero/Idera is about to support Linux again in a cross-compiler fashion that was originally scheduled for late 2016 as Delphi Godzilla [WayBackEmbarcadero RAD Studio 2016 Product Approach and Roadmap – Embarcadero Community and [WayBackLinux support for Delphi to be available end of 2016 – Synopse.

It seems to be finally getting here as Delphi 10.2 Tokyo when you look at the [] Delphi Linux Boot Camp promotion for instance at [WayBackDelphi Linux Boot Camp – Community Blogs – Embarcadero Community.

I’m curious at what people expect from it.

So please comment your expectations, for instance:

  • what Linux distribution targets
  • what processor architectures
  • what language support (ARC, classic, 1-based strings, etc)
  • what library support
  • what IDE support (like debugger features)
  • what speeds

If you want to get a head start, then read these:


PS: Please forgive any language/grammar mistakes as I’m a bit bored and very tired after waiting some six ours in the ER room [WayBack] Mentally retarded brother had a bicycle incident. Broke one of is cheekbones, his nose and parts of both orbits. At the ER of LUMC waiting for further r… – Jeroen Wiert Pluimers – Google+

[] Delphi Linux Boot Camp:

The penguins are coming! We need you to enlist today in our Delphi Linux Boot Camp so you’ll be prepared for the penguin invasion! Linux is a whole new platform great for server development, and you may not be familiar with it (or even a little rusty). Not to worry, our elite trainers will get you in shape for this new platform so you can deal with these penguins and show them who’s boss.

This one day boot camp introduces you to some of the key technologies you need to know to work with Delphi on Linux and deal with the penguins!


  • Configuring Linux Server
  • Configuring Apache
  • Installing Server Modules
  • Working with server technologies
  • Working with Databases
  • Exploring Delphi for Linux features
  • Deploying and debugging from Delphi



3 Responses to “Now that Delphi will reintroduce Linux as a target: what features / support do you expect in the compiler and libraries?”

  1. Robert Love said

    Considering two things for linux. 1. Console/Batch Programs that I can run from Cron. 2. Apache Support for SOAP/Rest Services.

  2. For me, expectation was that it should use “classic” memory management. It’s weird that none of the WayBack links state that the Linux compiler is eventually ARC-only. This is a backward compatibility issue if you have an existing server code base under Windows, which has “classic” memory model: you need to review your code and make weak references explicit, to ensure memory is handled the ARC-way.

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