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When DelphiSpeedup cannot register itself in Delphi on Windows Vista/7/8

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/03/06

Every now and then I need to go back to an old Delphi version, which nowadays means try and get it and all the tools installed on something newer than Windows XP.

When installing on Windows Vista and up (I usually run Windows 7 or 8.1), the DelphiSpeedUp installer barfs with something like this:

Cannot register DelphiSpeedUpLoader.bpl.

Andreas Hausladen (@AndyHTech) came to the rescue:

Alf Christophersen wrote:

The problem seem to occur because I need to run the installer As administrator, so I enter my admin user.

You don’t need to run it as administrator. Windows thinks it must run as administrator because the file name contains “Install”. You can rename the InstallDelphiSpeedUp105.exe to RegDelphiSpeedUp105.exe and start it.

Andreas Hausladen

Here is my rewording of the cause:

  • The issue is caused when the user running Delphi is not an Administrator.
  • Windows thinks (because of the name of the installer) that it must be run as an Administrator and presents the UAC prompt for elevated login.
  • When the installer runs under UAC, it sees the HKEY_CURRENT_USER of the elevated user, which often does not include the registry key for Delphi.
    (it requires “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CodeGear\BDS\4.0\Known IDE Packages” for write/full access).

So, rename the Installer not to include the word Install, then run it and you get a succesful install:

Installation was successfull.

After that, make sure to install the IDE Fix Pack for Delphi 2007 and DDevExtensions from Andreas Hausladen as well.

One of the DDevExtensions features I really like is the “treat warnings as errors”, especially for many of the warnings explained in Delphi XE2′s hidden hints and warnings options | Marc Durdin’s Blog.


via: Embarcadero Discussion Forums: DelphiSPeedup for Delphi 2006 wn’t ….

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