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Archive for the ‘U2F FIDO Security Keys’ Category

Happlink / PlugUp died, but you can still use their U2F USB key

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/01/31

Nothing lasts, so the company behind the U2F key on the right is long gone, but their site is archived in and the WayBack machine. Since the U2F protocol is open, you can still set up the device and use it. Here is how for your Google account (for instance with GMail), it works in a similar way for other providers:

Archived links:

Some of their videos are also still online (embedded links at the bottom of the post):

U2F (or Universal 2nd Factor – Wikipedia) has an open protocol by FIDO Alliance – Wikipedia. More on that in these links below.

One final odd note:

The FIDO alliance still listed Happlink on their web-site when I wrote this blog post.

It used to be at this address: Happlink, 4 rue Jehan Le Povrmoyne, 76240 Le Mesnil-Esnard, France

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Some Yubikey notes

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/06/10

For my own reference:

Always get at least two keys, configure them, and use only one. Store the rest in a safe place for when the first dies.

Get the NEO (if you need NFC) or NEO-n (if you don’t need NFC but love small form-factor).


(Image courtesey of Yubico)

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Dropbox adds u2f support … if you connect to it via Chrome. Using FIDO U2F. Easy with Plug-Up foldable key.

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/08/21

I like this: the plug-up affordable FIDO U2F Security Key by  HAPPLINK.

You could already use it for Google 2nd factor authentication (2FA) through Chrome. You can do this from your own applications for instance through the U2F reference implementation.

Now you can also as 2FA to DropBox, also through Chrome. And it is easy with the plug-up key (Thanks Kristian):

Uuuund… umgestellt. Das war ja einfach.

Es gibt andere Fido Token, die können mehr. Ich nehme dieses, das kostet fast nix und man kann die kaufen und verteilen wie Konfetti.

Or inside the Europe mainland, for instance in:


via: Dropbox adds u2f support … if you connect to it via Chrome. If I’m not….

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Add a Security Key to your Google Account: FIDO U2F Security Key

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/12/08

I just added a FIDO U2F Security Key | Yubico as a FIDO second factor to my Google Account: Add a Security Key to your Google Account – Accounts Help.

The cool thing: if you don’t have your FIDO U2F key with you, you can fall back to Google two step verification mechanisms like Authenticator, SMS/Phone or pre-generated backup security codes.


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