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Google Reader alternatives: did you make a choice yet?

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/05/22

My Google Reader alternatives shortlist comes down to these 3


  • PRO: imports GR including which posts you already read.
  • PRO: GR imported posts contains all history (even from blog feeds that are now defunct)
  • CON: slows down browser considerably
  • CON: UI has too much whitespace
  • CON: UI is slow (browsing with j/k takes ages)

CommaFeed & InoReader & The Old Reader

  • PRO: uses as much screen estate as possible
  • PRO: very fast UI
  • CON: GR import misses the read/unread markers
  • CON: GR import incomplete (so now defunct feeds do not appear)

One of the reasons I want to have the defunct feeds, is that it contains the old blog of a friend that passed away.

Did you make a choice yet?


via: Google Reader stops at 2013-07-01: How can I download my Reader data? (via: Reader Help) « The Wiert Corner – irregular stream of stuff.

10 Responses to “Google Reader alternatives: did you make a choice yet?”

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  2. Leonardo Herrera said

    I’m using The Old Reader. I read that Feedly has client apps? Does it have one for Windows?

  3. Hi Jeroen,
    I have created a Tampermonkey script to remove a lot of the UI whitespace in the browser called [Feedly: Compactor]
    Try It, I haven’t tested it yet with GreaseMonkey on Firefox though.


    • jpluimers said

      Now if you had written a [Feedly:SpeedUp] script (;
      Will try and find it. Thanks!

    • jpluimers said

      Wow: you should rename your script into [Feedly:SpeedUp]

      • Schalk Versteeg said

        Thank you, my Pleasure.
        Coming to think of it, I should’ve called it [Feedly: Ultra Compact].

        As for the speed up, I don’t know if I can take the credit for that as I know the people at feedly have not only bought a whole lot of servers, but are also working on continuously improving the speed.
        (But I will test it.)

        If you do like an ultra dark theme you should try the [Feedly: Darker Theme].

      • Schalk Versteeg said

        My feedly is now also a lot more responsive, they must’ve brought at least some there new servers online, or even made backend speed improvements. It is not my script.

  4. So far for me it’s Feedly. The clients for iOS and Android are excellent. Another CON for Feedly is the plugin requirement for the browser. I really hope they will offer soon normal browser access to my feeds.
    And there is currently no way to access Feedly from a Windows Phone.

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