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Delphi XE2: spontaneous Product or License Validation Error | General

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/05/24

Every once in a while an AV in Delphi manifests itself in a very odd way.

Usually it is refactoring, code completion or any of the ‘insight’ features doing odd things.

This time, it got me into a Product or License Validation Error | General:

Product or License Validation Error

Your Embarcadero product or license can’t be validated.

If you see this page when you’re using a valid license and official version of the software, please submit an installation support case for further assistance.

If you need a trial license and official trial software download, visit our Trial Downloads page.

To purchase a product license and receive a certified download, please see our How to Buy page.

Too bad the error hard-quits Delphi, thereby loosing all your work since the last save. Even more reason to safe often.

None of the reasons mentioned in Starting Delphi or C++ Builder results in Product or License Validation Error applied.

Restarting Delphi XE2 solved the problem.


7 Responses to “Delphi XE2: spontaneous Product or License Validation Error | General”

  1. […] wrote about this before, named it a cardinal sin too, but I seem to have to repeat […]

  2. There is also an auto save wizard for Delphi on code central. I have never tried it with anything later than Delphi 2007 though.

  3. François said

    I have bumped the “File Backup Limit” so I can save often while still keeping some meaningful history.

    And if you use Andreas Hausladen’s DDevExtensions (which I highly recommend), there’s an option “Compile Backup” to create a *.cbk backup of any unsaved file when you do a compilation. That way you don’t even have to do a real save for some temporary tryout code without the risk of losing anything (also great if you forgot to save before compiling and things go haywire)…

  4. The first thing I always do on a new machine or a new nstall is to enable autosave, and to set the backup limit to 90 (it doesn’t allow 99999999999).

    By the time i’ve filled this 2TB disk with .pas files i’ll step into my flying car to buy another one.

  5. Ghoy said

    I have Ctrl+S , Ctrl+Shift+S hardcoded into my brain and I use it without even noticing :D

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