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Archive for the ‘Turbo Pascal’ Category

Apple ][ history – Nibble magazine

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/02/16

I recently found some old magazine issues of my early programming escapades. It reminded me of the really old days where – as a school kid – I tried to buy Nibble magazine at a regular base. It was expensive (I think it was around 8 Dutch Guilders (or NLG) – close to EUR 4 – which was a lot for me, though less expensive than diskettes that were like NLG 10 each).

But it was fun as the magazine focussed at computer programs and programming transitioned my life. From Integer Basic via AppleSoft Basic (and various smaller attempts in FORTH, MuSimp, LISA Assembler and LOGO) to Turbo Pascal on CP/M.

Recently I learned that all issues (16k pages total!) have been scanned and OCR-ed and can be obtained on DVD for a modest price. Even better: all their software is available for free.

Just follow these links:

For some history:


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Posted by jpluimers on 2016/11/23

Apple fanboys all know about 1 Infinite Loop. Turbo Pascal adepts about the index entries “infinite loop See loop, infinite” and “loop, infinite See infinite loop”. Google as a more direct approach:


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Anders Live | Build 2016 | Channel 9 – on Turbo Pascal, Delphi, C# and TypeScript

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/04/06

Anders Live - Build 2016 - Channel 9 Stage C907 - Speakers: Anders Hejlsberg, Seth Juarez

Anders Live – Build 2016 – Channel 9 Stage C907 – Speakers: Anders Hejlsberg, Seth Juarez

Anders explaining about being a pragmatist ever since he started working on the Turbo Pascal predecessor in 1981. It’s been a long way to TypeScript and beyond (:

Lot’s of interesting tidbits about the future of TypeScript and how it relates to other languages.

Source: Anders Live | Build 2016 | Channel 9

Direct URLs:



The Turbo Pascal predecessors were called Blue Link Software PascalCompas Pascal and Poly Pascal as I learned last year while teaching a workshop for DAPUG in Denmark when I bumped into some people working with Anders while he still lived there a long time ago. Later I researched the above links.


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You find a lot of stuff when you are reorganizing your office #TP6 Library…

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/02/11

You find a lot of stuff when you are reorganizing your office #TP6  Library….

I must clean out my closets as well. I think I have similar stuff lying around.


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Wish more people named Peter Sollich for what he did in the Pascal world…

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/12/02

A small video reference to the work that Peter Sollich did for the Pascal world is at around 38:20 in this video:

It is where Allen Bauer talks about his early years at Borland. He talks about a German guy there without naming him. It is Peter Sollich (he names them a few time in the newsgroups though).

Peter Sollich came from Germany where he had written a Turbo Pascal compatible compiler for the Atari ST (it used a m68k Motorola 68000 CPU which is a 32-bit processor on the internal side with a 16-bit wide data bus (transporting 16-bit words) on the outside using a 24-bit address (so it can address 16 mebibytes of memory) – hence ST for Sixteen/Thirtytwo).

Borland bought the source code which formed the base for the current 32-bit x86 compiler implementations of both Delphi and C++ Builder (they hired him as a contractor to do the port).

Rumour goes that Peter wrote many parts of the x86 code emitter on the flight from Europe to the USA.

Before the ST era there was already a CP/M Modula-2 compiler written by Peter Sollich and Martin Odersky which Borland bought even earlier and was turned into Turbo Modula-2.

For people interested, here are some links with ore details – where possible I saved them in the WayBack machine as sites tend to Ditch historically important information:


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