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Archive for the ‘TypeScript’ Category

Nick Hodges on SOLID in TypeScript using Angular

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/08/18

For my link archive: after a long history of Delphi programming, Nick Hodges did a

SOLID series with TypeScript using Angular

They explain these SOLID – Wikipedia concepts:

  1. Single responsibility principle – Wikipedia
  2. Open–closed principle – Wikipedia
  3. Liskov substitution principle – Wikipedia
  4. Interface segregation principle – Wikipedia
  5. Dependency inversion principle – Wikipedia

After that, he did a series on:

[WayBack] Angular 101 – Angles and Types

More Angular and TypeScript

Since Nick likes that combination so much:

and his TypeScript series start:

and what started as a trilogy in 5 parts of his [WayBack] Angular 101 – Angles and Types became much longer:


DIID update

Nick also updated the public repository with the changes that did make it in his Dependency injection in Delphi book earlier:


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Vue.js and TypeScript links

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/05/05

Since I one day need to do some Vue.js with TypeScript:


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Tech Notes: TypeScript at Google

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/07/11

For my link archive: [WayBack] Tech Notes: TypeScript at Google.

A good discussion, also about alternatives (like Kotin, Scala, GTW) is at [WayBack] TypeScript at Google | Hacker News

Via [WayBack] TypeScript at Google #typescript #google #microsoft #javascript – Adrian Marius Popa – Google+


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On the Effectiveness of Static Typing in Detecting Public Bugs

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/05/14

Cool research paper from a while back but still soo relevant:

The project page for an ICSE’17 paper, To Type or Not to Type: Quantifying Detectable Bugs for JavaScript

JavaScript is also a dynamically typed language for which static type systems, notably Facebook’s Flow and Microsoft’s TypeScript, have been written. What benefits do these static type systems provide?

Source: [Archive.isOn the Effectiveness of Static Typing in Detecting Public Bugs


Other saved links:


via: [WayBack/] Slashdot drew my attention to this ressearch … An argument for languages like Delphi. – Roland Kossow – Google+

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Let’s stop copying C / fuzzy notepad

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/12/07

Ah, C. The best lingua franca we have… because we have no other lingua francas. Linguae franca. Surgeons general? C is fairly old — 44 years, now! — and comes from a time when there were possibly more architectures than programming languages. It works well for what it is, and what it is is a relatively simple layer of indirection atop assembly. Alas, the popularity of C has led to a number of programming languages’ taking significant cues from its design, and parts of its design are… slightly questionable. I’ve gone through some common features that probably should’ve stayed in C and my justification for saying so. The features are listed in rough order from (I hope) least to most controversial. The idea is that C fans will give up when I call it “weakly typed” and not even get to the part where I rag on braces. Wait, crap, I gave it away.

Great re-read towards the end of the year: [WayBackLet’s stop copying C / fuzzy notepad

Via: [WayBack] Old and busted: emacs vs vi. New and hot: Language war, everybody against everybody else. – Kristian Köhntopp – Google+


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