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Wayback machine and VMware KB links

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/03/22

The VMware KB is notoriously bad into being saved in the WayBack Machine: saved links hardly render at all because of the VMware KB dynamic page loading structure.

But VMware KB articles expire, so a lot of web-pages point to non-existing links and end up through redirections at []

Below are a few link forms of the same VMware KB 2011818 article that vanished from the regular web. The first is saved in the WayBack Machine (but does not render), the second is saved and does render after a redirect to a saved third form, the most recent saved fourth form is actually a 404-error redirecting to a prior third form.


The first link form does archive as a rendered page in if is is archived. t wasn’t, so the current archived version points to the “pagenotfound” page mentioned above.

Sometimes you have to dig deeper, as not all rendering archived versions contain actual content.

Here the first one is not even archived, the other ones are, but none of them have actual usable content:


This means you have to dig further in history:

  1. indicates not authorized
  2. shows the actual content.


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