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Archive for March 17th, 2022

ardour – the digital audio workstation: Record, Edit, and Mix on Linux, macOS and Windows

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/03/17

Given that Audacity became toxic last year, and I should have recovered enough to be both working again and having energy to do audio processing, I should install [Wayback] ardour – the digital audio workstation

[Wayback/] Ardour repositories:

Via: [Wayback] Kristian Köhntopp on Twitter: “Ardoer… “ (in response to Bye, bye Audacity)

[Wayback] Audacity Is Now A Possible Spyware, Remove It ASAP


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Some notes on replacing parts of a text file with template text using sed on a Busybox system

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/03/17

Note before you think about putting stuff in /etc/rc.local.d/ that script will not be executed when UEFI booting.

In a very lightweight Busybox system, I wanted to modify some configuration files automatically using fragments stored in template files.

The system has diff, but no patch.

The basic idea is to use sed to insert the template files into certain spots of the configuration file when certain marker texts are not present. So I want the opposite of [Wayback] Hey Stephen Wood: Try patch instead of sed in shell scripts.

Basically the idea is a poor-man’s patch, described in Too bad: ESXi busybox has diff, but not patch « The Wiert Corner – irregular stream of stuff.

Some links that might help me with this:

One alternative would have been to use ed (which is part of the normal Busybox), but ESXi Busybox omits ed like it omits patch.

Too bad that sed commands are too different from ed commands, as I could have used diff -e on another system based on ideas here:

I might give it one more go, as vi is sort of derived from ed via ex (see vi: Creation – Wikipedia), which means that vi “colon mode” (officially command mode: [Wayback] Vim documentation: cmdline) is very similar to ed.

Another alternative would be awk, but I have done so little work with it awk, that I’m hesitating to use a new tool. Some links:

And finally, ash could be used:

The kind of modifications I am after

Below are a few links with examples of the kind of modifications I want to make. Most patch just /etc/rc.local.d/, but some others introduce other changes as well.

Note that especially with networking settings, commands might not have any effect (for instance when having slow DHCP or other network issues), see for instance [Wayback/] I’m running ESXi 5.5 and my persistent route in is not taking effect after boot. : vmware.

There is a very convoluted way around using by using the VIB authoring tool as described in [Wayback] How to create persistent firewall rules on ESXi. It requires lowering the software acceptance level to Community Supported (esxcli software acceptance set --level=CommunitySupported), which gives you a hard time installing ESXi updates.

I got that VIB idea from [Wayback] Solved: Re: Persistent firewall rule – VMware Technology Network VMTN, as:

The file gets overwritten often with upgrades so it would mean another step during the process.

From the same thread comes [Wayback] Solved: Re: Persistent firewall rule – VMware Technology Network VMTN

set the sticky bit on your separate xml-file – then it will be backed up and persist through reboot: chmod +t

run backup manually before the first reboot: /sbin/  because backup runs only once per hour

Within vSphere, one could use [Wayback] Configure ESXi Hosts with Host Profiles, but a standalone ESXi box is not part of vSphere, so that won’t work.

ESXi 7 and up

ESXi 7 makes the above harder as for instance user root cannot change file rights any more, so eventually I might revert to a VM that auto-boots when ESXi comes up, then patches the right files in place over PowerCLI (read-only) or SSH.

Need to give this some thought later:


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Digital accessibility is hard; Wayback archival of: Formulieren – CIZ

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/03/17

I know that digital accessibility does not come for free, but it is mandatory in Europe for at least documents and web-sites provided by government and semi-government as per [Wayback] EN 301 549 – Wikipedia

EN 301 549 is a European standard for digital accessibility. It specifies requirements for information and communications technology to be accessible for people with disabilities.

I bumped into numerous tab-order issues when filling out CIZ forms. This makes it way harder for my, as now I require a mouse despite having RSI symptoms for some 30+ years.

So, for my link archive so I can document that all these forms have severe tab-order issues (some fields are not even accessible by keyboard, are being emptied when you leave the field, or not even accessible by mouse): [Wayback] Formulieren – CIZ

Doet u een aanvraag bij het CIZ? Op deze pagina vindt u een overzicht van onze formulieren, zoals een machtigingsformulier en het Wlz-aanvraagformulier.

Hopefully by now the forms have been fixed.


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