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Archive for March 8th, 2022

Download pfSense Community Edition: pfSense-CE-2.5.1-RELEASE-amd64.iso.gz

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/03/08

Since this is what I use to VPN home:

pfSense is a free and open source firewall and router that also features unified threat management, load balancing, multi WAN, and more

[Wayback] Download pfSense Community Edition: [Wayback] pfSense-CE-2.5.1-RELEASE-amd64.iso.gz


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The Delphi documentation site has been down/up oscillating for 4 days is now down for almost a day.

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/03/08

The [Wayback/Archive] Embarcadero/IDERA Documentation Wiki has been mostly down since March 3rd, 2022 (not the main page, but almost all other pages are).

I modified [Wayback/Archive] Docwiki https – EmbarcaderoMonitoring to show the actual status of a deeper page as the (mostly static) top page is up, so monitoring that is useless as the deeper pages are down.

The deeper pages are dynamic and require a functioning MySQL database connection. That connection is mostly down (the error message is not clear, so this could be a network or a database server problem, or maybe even a loadbalancer gradually entering bit heaven).

Since it had been down for like 6 days in February*, I’d expect Idera to keep an eye on it and prepare for more downtime. Apparently that’s either not a 24×7 thing for them or  they missed the “pre” in preparation as it is dead-silent on .

It also runs on an unsupported version of Mediawiki 1.31** which by itself does not explain the outage, but does indicate that their idea of handling their internal lifetime management is different than what they advocate to clients in their software subscription model, see [Wayback/Archive] Delphi – Embarcadero store, [Wayback/Archive] Update Subscription – Embarcadero and [Wayback/Archive] Special Offers on RAD Studio, Delphi & C++Builder – Embarcadero:

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Henry Markram speurt naar autisme in een mysterieus orgaan – NRC

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/03/08

Heel herkenbare “Intense World Theory” in het stuk van Niki Korteweg [] Henry Markram speurt naar autisme in een mysterieus orgaan – NRC:

En ineens begrepen ze: er is geen sprake van een gebrek, van remmende hersencellen. Het is juist overgevoeligheid, overreagerende neuronen. Mensen met autisme worden overspoeld door de intense beleving.

Autisme is en blijft een ontwikkelingsstoornis. „Maar als we de verschillen kunnen waarderen en begrijpen dat wij ons moeten aanpassen, dan zal dat veel constructiever zijn”, denkt Markram. „Wij zeggen dat mensen met autisme geen empathie hebben. Terwijl wij zelf geen empathie hebben. Voor hen.”



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