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Archive for the ‘Lightweight markup language’ Category

The Delphi documentation site has been down/up oscillating for 4 days is now down for almost a day.

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/03/08

The [Wayback/Archive] Embarcadero/IDERA Documentation Wiki has been mostly down since March 3rd, 2022 (not the main page, but almost all other pages are).

I modified [Wayback/Archive] Docwiki https – EmbarcaderoMonitoring to show the actual status of a deeper page as the (mostly static) top page is up, so monitoring that is useless as the deeper pages are down.

The deeper pages are dynamic and require a functioning MySQL database connection. That connection is mostly down (the error message is not clear, so this could be a network or a database server problem, or maybe even a loadbalancer gradually entering bit heaven).

Since it had been down for like 6 days in February*, I’d expect Idera to keep an eye on it and prepare for more downtime. Apparently that’s either not a 24×7 thing for them or¬† they missed the “pre” in preparation as it is dead-silent on .

It also runs on an unsupported version of Mediawiki 1.31** which by itself does not explain the outage, but does indicate that their idea of handling their internal lifetime management is different than what they advocate to clients in their software subscription model, see [Wayback/Archive] Delphi РEmbarcadero store, [Wayback/Archive] Update Subscription РEmbarcadero and [Wayback/Archive] Special Offers on RAD Studio, Delphi & C++Builder РEmbarcadero:

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Github markdown: red text

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/12/02

Github officially does not support coloured text, but with a small trick, you can get a few colours by including a diff file in the markdown.

I did it when I had to put on hold open source projects due to rectum cancer recovery, for instance [Wayback] this fritzcap diff added the [Wayback] text:

which [Wayback] rendered becomes a kind of red bulleted list:

I learned this trick via [Wayback] How to add color to Github’s file – Stack Overflow (thanks to [Wayback] revisions by [Wayback] craigmichaelmartin, [Wayback] Noam Manos and [Wayback] GalaxyCat105):

You can use the diff language tag to generate some colored text:

- text in red
+ text in green
! text in orange
# text in gray
@@ text in purple (and bold)@@

However, it adds it as a new line starting with either - + ! # or starts and ends with @@

enter image description here

This issue was raised in [Wayback] github markup #369, but they haven’t made any change in decision since then (2014).

By now there is a new issue, again with little progress: [Wayback] Color text in markdown · Issue #1440 · github/markup


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Keyboard Shortcuts, Markdown, and Autocomplete – Atlassian Documentation

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/06/14

Details at [WayBack] Keyboard Shortcuts, Markdown, and Autocomplete – Atlassian Documentation; summary:

To view all Confluence keyboard shortcuts, do any of the following:

  • Choose the¬†help icon¬†¬†from the universal sidebar, then choose¬†Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • When viewing a page, press¬†shift+?
  • While editing a page, choose the¬†question mark icon¬†from the editor toolbar.

a list of some of the most common shortcuts:


Use markdown shortcuts to format text from the comfort of your keyboard.

  1. Either:
    • Type¬†[¬†and then the first few characters of the page title, user’s name, image name or file name.
    • Type the first few characters of the page title, user’s name, image¬†name,¬†or file name (or select relevant text) and then press¬†ctrl+shift+k.
  2. Click the relevant link from the list of suggestions.

If the item you need is not in the list, either choose¬†Search for ‘xxx’¬†to continue looking for the page within Confluence, or¬†Insert Web Link¬†to link to an external page.

When a Windows shortcut has Ctrl in it, the MacOS shortcut uses Command.


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Markdeep as an extension to markdown

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/02/25

For my link archive: Markdeep





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Create table without header in markdown/reStructuredText?

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/06/12

It looks like few of the markdown parsers can generate a table without a header: [WayBack] Create table without header in markdown – Stack Overflow.

This comes close in some generators as they generate a half-height empty header for it:

| | | |
| Normal Key| Value1 |
|__BoldKey__| Value2 |

But [WayBack] reStructuredText Markup Specification: Grid Tables do support it even if a pipe cell delimiter is inside a cell content:

| row 1, col 1 | column 2 | column 3  | column 4  |
| row 2        | Use the command ``ls | more``.   |
|              |                                  |
| row 3        |          |           |           |



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