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Archive for the ‘reStructuredText’ Category

Create table without header in markdown/reStructuredText?

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/06/12

It looks like few of the markdown parsers can generate a table without a header: [WayBack] Create table without header in markdown – Stack Overflow.

This comes close in some generators as they generate a half-height empty header for it:

| | | |
| Normal Key| Value1 |
|__BoldKey__| Value2 |

But [WayBack] reStructuredText Markup Specification: Grid Tables do support it even if a pipe cell delimiter is inside a cell content:

| row 1, col 1 | column 2 | column 3  | column 4  |
| row 2        | Use the command ``ls | more``.   |
|              |                                  |
| row 3        |          |           |           |



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Reminder: try to get vscode-restructuredtext to fully work – reStructuredText Language Support in Visual Studio Code

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/04/23

I love Visual Studio Code, but my initial tries to get [WayBack] GitHub Рvscode-restructuredtext/vscode-restructuredtext: reStructuredText Language Support in Visual Studio Code to work partially failed: editing works, but I got a non-descriptive error during preview.

All prerequisites are installed, so I needed to pause that for a while.

I still want it, as out of the box, [WayBack] Markdown editing with Visual Studio Code: Markdown Preview  works fine, but for complicated documents I tend to use reStructuredText.

Initial steps were simple, as per [WayBack] reStructuredText РVisual Studio Marketplace and editing is awesome (thanks to [WayBack] GitHub Рlextm/restructuredtext-antlr: ANTLR Grammar for reStructuredText).


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When pandoc on a reStructuredText document gives “(WARNING/2) Inline substitution_reference start-string without end-string.”

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/04/22

When fixing some of the Pandoc conversion messages from … to html, I got this warning:

Network-Protocol-Security.rst:917: (WARNING/2) Inline substitution_reference start-string without end-string.

In my experience, the line numbers do not usually match, but in this case it was accurate (not the same as Network-Protocol-Security.rst#L874 because I was still editing it).

A search for¬†“Inline substitution_reference start-string without end-string.” did only reveal occurrences, not causes, but¬†“Inline substitution_reference start-string without end-string”

showed post with a cause: [WayBack] python sphinx РHow to include an internal reference in a code block? РStack Overflow pointing to [WayBack] reStructuredText Markup Specification: Substitution References.

Solution is either to

  • Escape |_¬†using a backslash like \|-.
  • Properly format code blocks using ::¬†at the front and indents of the block

Lessons learned:

  1. When you get a pandoc message like substitution_reference, then search for it while substituting the underscore with a space inside the [WayBack] reStructuredText Markup Specification.
  2. Quoted strings to trim down Google search results, but you might want to leave out trailing punctuation.

Applying the lessons

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reStructuredText – document title and subtitle

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/04/21

Always watch how you format your reStructuredText sections: [WayBack] Docutils FAQ: 2.6 How can I indicate the document title? Subtitle?

That is why I have these comments at the top of most of my documents:

.. $ %
.. # * = + ^ ~ - : . _ ` ' "

The first two are the document title and subtitle marks, the others the level 1 through 13.


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Converting html fragments to reStructuredText

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/01/09

Though normally you would write documentation in reStructuredText, then generate HTML or PDF, often you find a part of the documentation source in HTML.

Here are some sites and tools I’ve used to convert HTML fragments to reStructuredText. I favour on-line over local command-line tools as usually these kinds of conversions are “one-time only”.


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