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Archive for March 4th, 2022

Als je 55 jaar of ouder bent: Gemeente Teylingen – Doorstroming woningen | Facebook

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/03/04

Helaas is de belangrijkste beperkende voorwaarde dit:

Ik ben een senior, maar laat geen eengezinswoning van Stek achter. Kan ik wel gebruik maken van voorrang voor senioren?

Wanneer u geen eengezinswoning van Stek of 4 kamerappartement in Noordwijk achterlaat, is het niet mogelijk voorrang te krijgen. Wel kunt u reageren op de woningen die op Huren in Holland Rijnland staan. Mochten er geen kandidaten zijn die via ons seniorenbeleid voorrang krijgen, gaan wij verder met de kandidatenlijst en maakt u dus alsnog kans!

Via [] Gemeente Teylingen – Doorstroming woningen | Facebook:

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Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a Comment » blog: Twitter archival is slow, so limit the number of tweets you save in it

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/03/04

[Wayback] blog — The website has been slow for some time when…

The website has been slow for some time when archiving Twitter pages, but works fine with other websites. Is there a reason for that? Thx!


1. There are too many pages from Twitter in the queue, which reduces their priority (if it wasn’t for this condition, it would slow everything down)

2. Twitter API sometimes responds with “429 Too Many Requests” or other error, so it usually takes more than 1 attempt to capture the page.

I would suggest refraining from saving pages from Twitter for now, especially those people trying to save dozens or hundreds of tweets


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To me it does not matter if you call me artist, artistic, or person with artism. Oh, I meant autist, autistic, or person with autism.

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/03/04

Similarly to Bianca Toeps, I always wondered why some are called percussionist, programmer, brother, student, or deaf and there is no discussion to be call them “person who plays percussion instruments”, “person who programs”, “person having a sibling”, “person who studies”, or “person who cannot hear”.

There is a lot of discussion about autism though: very long threads on why someone should be called a certain way.

To me it does not matter, so you can call me all of this:

  • artist
  • artistic
  • person with artism
  • autist
  • autistic
  • person with autism
  • percussionist
  • person who plays percussion instruments
  • programmer
  • brother
  • person who has at least one sibling
  • person who programs
  • student
  • person who studies
  • deaf
  • person who cannot hear (with the left ear)

Yes, “Programming is an art form that fights back”.

Note I heard this quote the first from Kudzu, and since then learned it looks like it is by T.C. Wilson, but I am still not sure which T.C. Wilson.

Some mentions of the quote:

Bianca Toeps on this in Dutch:


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