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Apple M1 ARM based Mac as a developer: docker and brew will take a while to be working at all or supported

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/11/13

Important to consider as both a developer and end-user when switching architectures:

Is all my software working and supported on the new architecture.

For many Mac developers, at least docker and brew are important.

Bad news here:

  • Docker will likely take months before it runs, and then only support ARM images
  • Brew will likely take months to get supported.

Background links:


Oh, there is plenty more that does not work yet or never will:

Apple MacBook Pro 13” M1 Review- Why You Might Want To Pass

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Santa Cruz County fire evacuations

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/08/21

Tweeps to follow:

Packing list for evacuation:


Finding your zone by address

Marking yourself safe:

Drinking water likely unsafe for a long time:


Damaged properties map

Ben Lomond library on Alba Road is gone:

Our friends house burned down, but their animals seem OK:

[Wayback] CZU Lightning Complex Fire Upper Alba Road – Danny Thorpe


First picture of the smoke

Cleaning up the ashes

Safe Ash Clean-Up During and After a Fire

Containment calculation


Rough map

View the CZU Lightning Complex fires on Google Maps

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Life is a state of mind.

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/07/26

Remembering Peter Sellers who passed away 40 years ago today ~ Being There (1979)

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Posted by jpluimers on 2020/05/14

Patch Windows now. Attackers can exploit CVE-2020-1048 with a single PowerShell command:
Add-PrinterPort -Name c:\windows\system32\ualapi.dll

Attackers can exploit CVE-2020-1048 with a single PowerShell command:
Add-PrinterPort -Name c:\windows\system32\ualapi.dll
On an unpatched system, this will install a persistent backdoor, that won’t go away even after you patch.
See for more details.

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Dutch lifeliner medical helicopters: LIFELN5 is transporting COVID-19 patients from The Netherlands to Germany

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/04/04

Some links on the Dutch lifeliner medical helicopters:

Call signs/registrations: [WayBack] Hulpdiensthelikopters – / Mobiel Medisch Team: Helikopter-MMT’s – Wikipedia

  2. LIFELN2 – PH-TTR (To The Rescue)
  3. LIFELN3 – PH-MAA (Medical Air Assistence)
  4. LIFELN4 – PH-DOC (DOCtor)
  5. LIFELN5 – PH-HOW (Hulp op Wadden)
  6. PH-HVB (Hulp van Boven)
  7. PH-ULP (HULP)
  8. PH-OOP (HOOP)

Flightradar24 histories:

  7. (not recently used)
  8. (not recently used)

Via [WayBack] Hylke Kingma on Twitter: “Er gaat een IC patiënt vanaf het Maasstad ziekenhuis in Rotterdam naar het ziekenhuis in Krefeld (Duitsland). Samenwerking groeit. #Coronavirusnl… “

Currently, LIFELN5 transports COVID-19 patiens from The Netherlands to Germany. Germany currently has more IC headroom than The Netherlands.

Via [] Jeroen Pluimers on Twitter: “Voor mijn archief: … “


Van de Nederlandse coronapatiënten op  
 de IC liggen er nu 17 in Duitsland.Dat 
 zijn er 3 meer dan gisteren.Er hebben  
 zich 33 Duitse ziekenhuizen bereid     
 verklaard Nederlanders op te nemen.


More on COVID-19:


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