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Archive for the ‘WordPress’ Category

Yay! The Press-This bookmarklet now works again!

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/11/29

Good news the Press-This bookmarklet on has been reinstated.

See and the discussions in these below threads and sources.

Solves issues:

  • #12 – Add text domains
  • #15 – Restore Bookmarklet Functionality
  • #17 – Needs better documentation
  • #32 – The Press This bookmarklet itself on the tools page does not have the code

Some relevant sources:


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Direct link to the “old” WordPress stats page giving more information: My Stats —

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/12/22

For my link archive: the “old” stats page, as it shows more information in a better formatted way (especially on larger monitors) My Stats —

The “new” stats page used only half the screen width (long live responsive layout): Stats ‹ 7443331 —


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Posted by jpluimers on 2014/10/31

Complaint Friday…

A long time ago, I complained about the (now old!) editor being wrong, wrong, wrong: Another example of the editor eating line breaks « Forums.

The promise then was that the new editor would be better.

The big news: the new editor is just as bad in this respect (and far worse in other respects).

Just watch the text around my signature and PS in the texts below and shiver.

Lets start with the original text of my GoToWebinar blog post today:

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Optimal posting time? (via: Are there optimal days/hours to post questions in order to get visibility and answers? – Meta Super User)

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/09/22

A while ago, i came across this interesting question: Are there optimal days/hours to post questions in order to get visibility and answers? – Meta Super User.

The recommended time 1400 UTC is related to my blog post scheduling behaviour.

Virtually all my blog posts are either (when both apply at the same time, that is pure coincidence):

I schedule posts on Monday through Friday:

Difference between 0600 UTC and 1400 UTC

So why the time difference of about 8 hours between 0600 UTC and 1400 UTC?

That has to do with the public I generally interact with: software developers speaking English, mainly living in European and USA, with a minority in India, Asia and down-under.

  • At 0600 UTC, most Europeans are about to wake up or just arrived at work, so they get fresh content. Still quite a few people from India and Asia are up (returning from work) can read it the same day it was posted. And virtually everyone in the USA is still sleeping, so they get fresh content too.
  • At 1400 UTC, most Europeans are at work, people at the USA East Coast just started working and the rest of the USA is waking up and (hopefully) going to work. So you get a huge group of on-line people online with a high chance if comment/answer interaction on your question: great for getting answers on the same day.

“Missed Schedule” on WordPress blogs Read the rest of this entry »

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Remote Android screen monitoring and viewing

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/11/25

Another one in the “WordPress Missed schedule” series.

Below are the Android remote screen monitoring/viewer/mirror tools I know about:

  • For a long time, I have used Droid@Screen: an Open Source,  Java based mature cross platform tool that uses ADB (it can even restart it for you in case it hangs) with lots of features (zooming, no temporary files, device recognition, disabling emulator devices, etc). There are some Screen Shots | Droid@Screen.
  • A while ago, I saw android-screen-monitor – Android Screen Monitor – Google Project Hosting. It is a mixed Java/C++ solution that only works on Windows.
  • Recently, Jim McKeeth open sources his Android Screen View: Android Screen View | The Podcast at It is written as a quick hack in Delphi XE5, so right now it has less features and works in a more crude way than the two Java based tools, but it shows the potential of doing similar things with Delphi.

I primarily use Droid@Screen as so far it works best for me.

But I keep a close eye on the other two just to make sure I don’t miss improvements.


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