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Posts Tagged ‘SQL Server’

SQL Server: when your database is in “Recovery Pending” mode

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/03/31

With SQL Server, when your database is in “Recovery Pending” mode don’t just start blindingly search google, but sit down as you might be causing more damage doing so.

After sitting down, read these two posts by Paul Randal | from his SQL Server Corruption series:

  1. Search Engine Q&A #4: Using EMERGENCY mode to access a RECOVERY PENDING or SUSPECT database.
  2. SQL Server EMERGENCY mode repair.

Then think about it before acting.

Though the simplest cause for “Recovery Pending” might be that a disk spin-up was slow, or a disk became full (and everything might just be dandy after the disk is available and there is enough room on it), make sure you read the above posts first before relying on the simple causes.


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