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Archive for the ‘Personal’ Category

Workaround formulier inschrijven verhuizing naar Gemeente Leiden (@GemeenteLeiden en hun IT weten het al)

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/03/25

Het formulier is een klein beetje stuk, maar gelukkig is er een workaround.

Eerst het probleem

Alle knoppen “Volgende” verversen alleen de linkerkant van het formulier, maar niet de invoervelden.

Dit zie je al bij de eerste stap als je bij “Inleiding” gelikt hebt op “Volgende”: links kom je op “Contactgegevens”, maar de invoervelden laten dat niet zien.


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Links over beoordeling psychodiagnostiek

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/03/20

Wat links voor mijn archief, geïnitieerd door mijn interesse in SRZ-P:


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Current state: still fighting with rectum cancer, but chances for better quality of life

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/03/12

The below thread describes my current state; this is how the rest of the family is doing:

  • Eega is almost recovered from surgery of a set of huge and smaller cysts; her cancer seems not to have returned
  • Brother has his third big cold in 3 months time; hopefully it is not COVID-19; not much response from his caretakers. He is still very confused about the family situation and should get more care than the 6 hours a week he gets now (out of the entitled 15+) but requests for more care since 2017 have had no success
  • Mom’s Alzheimer’s is progressing fast: she thinks I’m her brother and insists I should take care of the burden of her problems

This is a follow-up on Far less active on blog on social media: some personal things that need to be done. about a year ago, where I did not know what year would be ahead.

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Abilities that makes you a better developer – Hacker Noon

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/03/05

If we have passion for what we do, why not try to be a better professional every day?

Source: [WayBackAbilities that makes you a better developer – Hacker Noon

That is an interesting, but very hard question which very few people around me are afraid of trying to answer.

I think the hardest part for most developer isn’t the tech/science bits as usually they have a natural feel for natural science and formal science related topics (which I’d rather not call STEM).

I’ve a hard time to remember the STEM acronym because it means “vote” or “voice” to since I’m Dutch, and equally hard the . Also I really dislike the term “hard science” as “soft sciences” are very hard for me. So lets stick with natural science and formal science.

So if you are a developer and trouble motivating yourself to learn new things in the mathematics, algorithms & data structures, databases, computer architecture, operating systems and networks, then you will have a really really hard time.

I can understand it is tougher to motivate learning about English (and other languages), paradigms & design patterns, teamwork, or to put it in a broader perspective the human side of affairs. Those however are the areas that do not come “natural” for most developers and are in effect the ones most developers need to work on most to improve.

Doing that will make it a lot easier to work with people around you.

For myself, I still have to grow a lot in those areas even though I already have. Having originated as nerd/geek/introvert or however you want to call that direction, my natural habitat is still a silent place with little distraction with some relatively quiet people around me that help me keep focus and force me in the rhythms that are good for me. But I’ve learned to speak for large groups, write (not just posts) and have many other nice social interactions.

That growth brings so much joy and makes work so much nicer, that the effort and persistence keeps being worth every minute I put in.

Via: [WayBack] Cesar Romero (@cesarliws) on Twitter: “Abilities that makes you a better developer”



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Sometimes your day is brightened by a tweet that is much too kind

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/02/15

Tuesday was a day that got brightened. Thanks Elisabeth!

[] Elisabeth met bgh Wendy en Minthe pensionada on Twitter: “@jpluimers Hallo Jeroen, al lang like jij mijn tweets. Vandaag heb ik mij in jou verdiept. Wat ik lees vind ik schokkend, triest, liefdevol en mooi tegelijk. Je bent een geweldig mens, een super broer en je bent ernstig ziek. Je vrouw die met de gevolgen van kanker moet leven. Respect 🌸❤️”


Hello Jeroen, you have long liked my tweets. Today I immersed myself in your tweets. What I read is shocking, sad, loving and beautiful at the same time. You are a wonderful person, a super brother and you are seriously ill. Your wife who has to live with the effects of cancer. Respect.


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