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Found a table with Delphi Conditional defines over the Delphi versions/compiler platforms/bitness

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/02/20

Right now, documentation on Delphi Conditional Defines is on pages like Conditional compilation (Delphi) – RAD Studio XE2, but it is limited as it is for one specific version of Delphi only.

However, over the course of Delphi versions, compiler platforms and bitness, and not forget Free Pascal and Turbo Pascal/Borland Pascal, the matrix has become huge.

There is no complete documentation on that in one place. Right now include files like, the, the JCL include directory the JVCL common include directory and the documentation contain the collective knowledge about this.

Someone should condense that in a table and – more important – keep it up to date.

At least now there is a post collecting some of the links that contain the knowledge (:

Found one that contains these columns

  • Product & Version
  • VERxxx defines
  • __BORLANDC__ value
  • RTLVersion
  • CompilerVersion
  • Package Version

via Compiler/RTL version overview « Muetze1 wich is now available on the wayback machine:


14 Responses to “Found a table with Delphi Conditional defines over the Delphi versions/compiler platforms/bitness”

  1. […] I’ve included the table below as the data is not in the table I referenced from Found a table with Delphi Conditional defines over the Delphi versions/compiler platforms/bitness. […]

  2. Muetze1 said

    Hi jpluimers,

    please import or use my table press data set or HTML export of the mentioned table. You can publish it here and take care of it, as I am shutting down my site. Please contact me (info at muetze1 dot de) so I can send you the data.

    Thank you,

  3. Muetze1 said

    Hi Jeroen,

    thank you for the trackback and great to use it is useful for some more developers. I just fixed one small error (VER70 is the correct symbol for Turbo Pascal for Windows 1.5) in the linked table.

    Feel free to contact me on errors or additions.



  5. […] Jeroen just dug up a page that lists all Delphi Compiler/RTL/VCL version numbers in a nice tabular form: […]

  6. See here:

    It’s also regularly updated.

  7. jrs said

    There’s also this…

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