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Archive for the ‘Opinions’ Category

4 of the Best Critical Thinking Resources for Learners to Have

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/04/20

Critical thinking resources like these are some of the best ones for learners to have. Share them so they can use them as references and tools for development every day.

Source: [WayBack4 of the Best Critical Thinking Resources for Learners to Have.

Via: [WayBack] have to print it and put it on my desk, been trying to do this for a long time, but this is a really good list to have handy – Lars Fosdal – Google+

Sharing them and the pictures below.


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Werkgevers mogen mensen met handicap onder minimumloon gaan betalen, dus gaat hun pensioen omlaag, ondanks aanvulling loon door de gemeenten

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/04/05

Het wordt voor werkgevers aantrekkelijker om mensen met een handicap in dienst te nemen. Zij mogen hen onder het minimumloon gaan betalen. Toch gaan de gehandicapte werknemers dan meer verdienen dan nu omdat zij van de gemeente een aanvulling tot het minimumloon kunnen krijgen. Wel verliezen zij hun recht op pensioen en bouwen zij minder aanspraak op voor de werkloosheidsuitkering en de arbeidsongeschiktheidsuitkering.

Het is toch veel handiger voor de overheid om dit voor mensen met een modaal salaris te doen?

Die staan vast geregeld bij de koffie automaat, zijn actief met katten-foto’s op social-media of hebben andere manieren om on-productief te zijn. Daar scoren ze gemiddeld vast wel een procent up 10 op.

Dan haal je al gauw op rijks-niveau een paar miljard binnen: een paar miljoen modalen met EUR 3000 minder per jaar waarvan rijkspremies ongeveer een derde zijn.

Dat is veel meer dan de in de toekomst (2050!) een half miljard te besparen (nu pakweg 10 miljoen per jaar).

Of verhoog de BTW met o.1%. Dan haal je direct al per jaar ongeveer 250 miljoen extra op, en verdeel je dat naar draagkracht evenredig over de bevolking.

Wat is eigenlijk productiviteit? Hoe productief zijn wetgevers eigenlijk? En hoe nuttig is productiviteit eigenlijk. Kun je dat wel objectief meten?

En waar komt het geld voor de gemeenten ineens vandaan? En de aanvulling op de pensioenen omdat gehandicapten – zonder vermogen, want dat is voor de meestel al lang opgegaan aan eigen bijdragen – straks echt onder het bestaansminimum zitten?


Bron: [WayBack] Werkgevers mogen mensen met handicap onder minimumloon gaan betalen – Binnenland – Voor nieuws, achtergronden en columns


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Sex, Pong, And Pioneers: What Atari Was Really Like, According To Women Who Were There

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/03/03

If we apply todays standards to the past, how will we be rated by future generations?

Interesting thoughts and stories on [WayBackSex, Pong, And Pioneers: What Atari Was Really Like, According To Women Who Were There.



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Internet of default passwords … – did it improve at all?

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/10/26

Just over a year after this got posted, I wonder what the current state of affairs is. Did it get a lot worse or just a little (as when writing this in November 2016 my guess is that it won’t get any better soon):

To repeat +Thomas Mueller ‘s words:

Internet of default passwords …
Sounds bad until you realize that it’s even worse. There are millions of devices out there that can be or have already been compromised and can get their owners into deep shit, without their owners even doing anything wrong. And keeping your virus scanner up to date won’t help at all (it doesn’t really protect your PC either, but that’s a different story).

Just watch the first 10 minutes of the video, but be warned, it might ruin your day.

Via +Joe C. Hecht:

I found this to be a superior product – If you are into security, this episode was worth a listen. I hear they are into talking about home servers too. I like that.

A new TechSNAP is OUT:

The Internet of Things is the Internet of Terrible, we’ll round up the week’s stories & submit the TechSNAP solution to you the audience. Plus the security cost of Android fragmentation, great questions & a packed round up!


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“You would make for a great computer programmer”

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/10/20

A while ago, Joe C. Hecht mentioned for the second time about his family joke along the lines that he had bad grades at school despite being good at the topics. He got tested which resulted in “You would make for a great computer programmer”.

I wonder how this happened with other people in the IT. Did you get yourself a degree in that direction, or teach yourself programming and such?

The reason is that I recognise what Joe wrote: I’m still a bad learner from books or theory as I learn by doing. I specifically didn’t try to get a Computer Science degree as in the late 1980s in The Netherlands it basically was a heavy math degree plus Computer Science topics. So it was basically doing two studies at once and I was only interested in the Computer Science parts.

So I chose studying Chemistry (one of the science topics I really liked at high school) at the closest university to my home so I kept living with my parents.

In 20-20 hindsight this was not the right choice. But at that time I didn’t know about the right choice.

In about 4 years, I finished like 2.5 years of studying, was a geek-prototype (good at computers, bad at people skills) and still did a lot of Computer Science topics (even though the exams would be worthless as back then individual exams didn’t count unless they were part of the main direction of your study). The last year was prepping for practice and advanced topics. I slowly attended less and less sessions and did more and more programming gigs as somehow that was way more fun before slowly bailing out. I also sold network equipment to the university department helping them to connect to the internet and helped a lot of co-students with their computing issues and assignments, learned my way in DOS/3com/Novell/EARN/BITNET/DECNet/SunOS and VAX/VMS based technologies.

I only found out why I bailed out more than a decade later: I was a pragmatic guy learning by doing, not suited for a university that tried educating theorists. Besides that the department I wanted to finish my studies has two four camps: a very theoretic camp (with nice guys: they were the ones wanting internet access very early on), two less theoretic camps fighting each other and a lazy camp filling their days basically with doing as little as possible. A very unproductive and depressing situation. I had worked at the research labs of the paint factory doing research close to my studies, but there was no way the university would allow me to do my research phase there. Even more depressing.

Now (as always, hindsight is 20/20 vision) I know I should have bailed out early on and go for a more pragmatic study maybe not even a university but a polytechnic. On the other hand it helped doing a truckload of Turbo Pascal work (which I started at High School with Turbo Pascal 1 on CP/M with Apple ][+ and //e machines), programming in assembler/prolog/FORTRAN/C, getting connected to the internet (BITNET RELAY chat, mailing lists, early newsgroups, uucp, TCP/IP basics, thick/thin ethernet converters, serial and modem communication with Kermit and FidoNET, gopher, FTP and truckloads more stuff).

It got me into the Delphi, .NET and open source worlds, doing a lot of travel and conference speaking and being an early adopter of many technologies and concepts (some even so early that they only got way popular decades later – like the 1980s “the network is the computer” mantra – or making sense – like the lock semantics topics really became useful when around the century turn  single processor machines got multi-processor siblings and a lustrum later multi-core and multi-threading processors became available and ubiquitous around 2010) and taught me that being able to search and find things is way more important than knowing things.

So I wonder about all my followers:

How did your education go and how did you end up in computing?


References via Joe C. Hecht:

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