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NDC 2019 Keynote: Welcome to the Machine – Hadi Hariri – YouTube

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/01/27

I am really glad this keynote got recorded. Still very relevant, it is as much about software development as it is about society.

Go watch it, as it gives you reason to think about your role in the software development process, and in the information fire hose at large.

Back in the days, David Intersimone was right when he created the regular blog post “Sip from the Firehose” (for early materials, see [WayBack] GetPublished – Author Information: Firehose).

The talk main thread is about current and ever growing overload of information which basically makes it disinformation, combined with the abundance of “AI” recording devices around you that basically make you the product.

Basically we reached all the tick marks of these books:

The session is not just about “how bad is the situation” (it is very), but also provides directions on how to get out of it for both people in the development process, as well as consumers, producers and sharers of information.




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