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Archive for January 18th, 2021

Cool: Apple mini-assembler found inside Woz’ monitor inside Apple II Integer Basic

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/01/18

From a while back: [WayBack] This week, a mini-demo of the mini-assembler found inside Woz’ monitor inside Apple II Integer Basic. CALL –151 F666G … – mos6502 – Google+

This week, a mini-demo of the mini-assembler found inside Woz’ monitor inside Apple II Integer Basic.
CALL –151
You can find reconstructed sources in Jeff Tranter’s repo here:
where we see credits to Steve Wozniak and Allen Baum. But in this oral history it seems the assembler was Baum’s work:
“Baum: So it was brute force, very simple and fit into 256 bytes if you already had the 256-byte disassembler.”
Anyhow, one page of code – or two – is very impressive!

For more info, try searching for F666G! (We wonder at this memorable address – the Apple I price was $666.)



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Google Chrome URL chrome://devices/ -> your registered Google Cloud devices like printers

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/01/18

Just learned a new Google Chrome URL chrome://devices/ which lists your Google Cloud devices like printers.

Though in the case of OKI printers, you have to enter your printers at the printer which the Menu button is a painful exercise. [WayBackoki-c332dn-control-panel_maxwidth.jpg (525×550).

You can also view the device list in

For some OKI printers (including the MC342 series) you need to update the firmware. For a Mac, you need the below firmware update tool that automagically:

  1. detects the printers
  2. finds the firmware on the internet
  3. updates the printer

Tool: [WayBackFWUP_020000_10.7.dmg via [WayBackFirmware Update | OKI Global


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The messenger – Delta Chat – Email Based Instant Messenger; based on IMAP push

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/01/18

[WayBack] The messenger – Delta Chat: Delta Chat – Email Based Instant Messenger

From the FAQ at [WayBack] Help – Delta Chat:

What are the advantages of Delta Chat compared to other messengers?

  • Independent of any company or services. You own your data.
  • Your data are not saved on a central server; this way, in contrast to most other messengers, Delta Chat even protects your metadata (who writes to whom?)
  • You do not distribute your address book to anyone.
  • Fast by the use of Push-IMAP
  • Largest userbase – receivers not using Delta Chat can be reached as well
  • Compatible – not only to itself
  • Elegant and simple user interface
  • Distributed system
  • No Spam – only messages of known users are shown by default
  • Reliable – safe for professional use
  • Trustworthy – can even be used for business messages
  • fully Open Source and Standards based

What if the receiver does not use Delta Chat?

  • The receiver will get a normal email then – if he replies to it, you will see the reply in the Delta Chat app.

Releases: [WayBack] DeltaChat multi-platform releases rolling … – Delta Chat

Repositories via [WayBack] Contribute – Delta Chat:



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