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Archive for the ‘OKI C332’ Category

Google Chrome URL chrome://devices/ -> your registered Google Cloud devices like printers

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/01/18

Just learned a new Google Chrome URL chrome://devices/ which lists your Google Cloud devices like printers.

Though in the case of OKI printers, you have to enter your printers at the printer which the Menu button is a painful exercise. [WayBackoki-c332dn-control-panel_maxwidth.jpg (525×550).

You can also view the device list in

For some OKI printers (including the MC342 series) you need to update the firmware. For a Mac, you need the below firmware update tool that automagically:

  1. detects the printers
  2. finds the firmware on the internet
  3. updates the printer

Tool: [WayBackFWUP_020000_10.7.dmg via [WayBackFirmware Update | OKI Global


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OKI C332/MC342 – reset (short) device name, location, asset number and contact name

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/01/08

I’ve found out that the only way to reset the below fields on an OKI printer is to

  1. go to the printer main page at (use the IP address of your own printer here)
  2. logon as Administrator (on an OKI C332 that’s user admin which has default password 999999, on an OKI MC342 the password is aaaaaa)
  3. go to the page (use the IP address of your own printer here) as that page can potentially be skipped during login
  4. update these fields:
    • Device Name
    • Short Device Name
    • Asset Number
    • Contact Name – Administrator

Image source: [Archive.csChecking or Changing the Settings of This Machine from a Computer (MC853, MC873)



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I need to dig into IPP / driverless printer confuguration

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/09/07

It looks like I need to learn about IPP and driverless based on [WayBack] TIL that your Linux desktop can probably use your somewhat recently made printer, efficiently, with all major features exposed, without needing to download a ton of vendor shitware, without needing to find a PPD file in the depths of hell, without needing to pay extra for explicit PostScript 3 support, and without needing to accept that it will do 0.2 instead of 20 pages per minute because the in-printer PostScript rasterizer runs on a Z80…. – Maik Zumstrull – Google+.

So here are some links:

Via: [WayBack] TIL that your Linux desktop can probably use your somewhat recently made prin… – Kristian Köhntopp – G+

When adding my printer in the Chrome tool, it can properly detect it:

Printer information
Printer make/model: OKI-MC342-36855D
Printer state: idle
Accepting jobs: true
IPP server version: 1.1
Supports PDF natively: true
Supports PWG raster: false
Supports Postscript: true
Supports Unirast: true
Supports application/octet-stream: true
CUPS server: No
Compatability report: PASS Printer should be compatible – try printing


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MC342dn | Drivers & software | OKI UK | Printers & Managed Print Services

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/06/08

For my link archive, to get firmware updates installed on my OKI MC342 printer (Mac update fails, Windows update fails, both with “Firmware update failed.”):

download support printer drivers and software utilities for your OKI printers

Source: MC342dn | Drivers & software | OKI UK | Printers & Managed Print Services

[Oki Data] The Firmware Update Utility is used to upload new firmware files to your printer.

Source: Firmware Update | OKI Global

I needed a firmware update because enabling Google Cloud Printing failed.

Source: Cloud Printing | OKI Europe Ltd – Printers, Printing Solutions and Managed Print Services

The reason was error 10a00013 which according to the Cloud Print Manual is “Connection error to the HTTP server (server authentication error). Access the website stored in the Oki Data device (http://(Oki Data device IP address)), and check the imported CA license. Alternatively, update the firmware.”

As the web page didn’t tell me about how to imported CA licenses, I have to update the firmware.


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