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Archive for the ‘FireMonkey’ Category – BiDi support for Firemonkey

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/10/12 – BiDi support for Firemonkey

[WayBack] Wayback Machine

Arabic, Hebrew in FireMonkey!

Don’t you wanted to use the fastest development environment, to make an for middle east?

Now it is possible to create an app in Arabic, Hebrew, or Farsi) with Delphi FireMonkey for all environments.


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Delphi: Bezier in FMX

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/02/04

In case I ever need to do some Bezier curve coding in Delphi: [WayBack] GitHub – zhaoyipeng/FMXComponents: Firemonkey Opensource Components

Via: [WayBack] Interesting set of components for FireMonkey – Christen Blom-Dahl – Google+


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Delphi: 2 things to check when FMX/VCL units are inserted when you use VCL/FMX components

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/12/19

On G+Tom Field bumped in the [WayBack] issue that the IDE would add VCL units to the uses list when putting FMX controls on a form.

I’ve observed it the other way around as well, and there are two things you need to check:


David Nottage:

It has to do with whether there’s {$R *.fmx} or {$R *.dfm} in the unit. You may be able to get away with renaming the .dfm file to .fmx, and changing the directive in the unit.

Jeroen Wiert Pluimers:

 Your .dproj file tells you what kind of application it is (FMX or VCL) in the FrameworkType element and the IDE should respond to that correctly.


Source: [WayBackIn the Berlin Update 2 IDE. I’m working on a multi-device app I’m creating. …

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Firemonkey/Isometric at master · tothpaul/Firemonkey

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/04/04

This shows you how to do 2.5D isometric projection in Delphi using Firemonkey: [WayBackFiremonkey/Isometric at master · tothpaul/Firemonkey.

[WayBackIsometric projection – Wikipedia.

Via: [WayBack] I wonder what the best approach would be to use FireMonkey to develop an isometric 2.5D game in the “classic” way… – Fl Ko – Google+


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Interesting channel with a truckload of Firemonkey FMX demos: Quark Cube – YouTube

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/08/01

[] Quark Cube – YouTube:

We create tutorials. And all this without the usual stuff. We want to show how you can work with FireMonkey. Our tutorials are not available as source code. We want to show you a look more, and yes, we do it. Fast, reliable, targeted, unambiguous and ahead of its time. We love Delphi with FireMonkey. #ILoveDelphi

The vides are at [] (70) Quark Cube – YouTube

Via Dave Nottage


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