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Archive for the ‘Google’ Category

Local Guides Connect – Help Desk – Local Guides Connect

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/02/01

Reminder to self: Local Guides Nederland moved their [WayBack] G+ community over to [WayBackLocal Guides Connect – Help Desk – Local Guides Connect which is part of [WayBack] Local Guides Connect and powered by [WayBack] Powered by Lithium | Lithium.

Since that is not part of any other social media platform I subscribe to, I will likely only see new stuff when I actively go to that place: hopefully that is more than once a year.


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Quick Intro Into Actions on Google | Grokking Android

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/01/30

Hopefully by now the Google Assistant and Google Home have made their way into the Dutch language. If so, then it’s time for me

[WayBackQuick Intro Into Actions on Google | Grokking Android: Find out which options exist to develop apps for the Google Assistant with Actions on Google and to bring the Assistant to devices with the Assistant SDK.



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Google’s Phishing Quiz shows why Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a bad idea

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/01/25

This week, Google introduced the [WayBack] Phishing Quiz, a series of questions to see how good you spot phishing emails.

It is a perfect example on why Google AMP is a bad idea: it makes it easier to write phishing mail targeting Google users.

One of the questions is about a password change email seemingly from Google with a link by Google.

The link is really deceptive, as it:

  1. uses Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) which are hosted directly through a root path on the Google main domain: the URL starts with
  2. Especially on mobile, Google accelerates a lot of things through Google AMP, so a link on mobile that looks like this might be legit

This will deceive a lot of people as they are trained to look at the main domain to assess authenticity:

That combined with an email domain that also looks being from Google (with so many real word top-level domains, many would not be surprised getting email from

Just look at the below screenshot to see how deceptively this trick is.


The only solution is for people to learn that URL shorteners are evil: they mangle URLs. Which kinds of defeats both URL shorteners, and Google AMP (which also mangles URLs).


Google already stopped with their URL shortener (see for instance [WayBack] Google is shutting down its URL shortening service), so I wonder when they will stop with AMP.

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Need to put some research in Google Calendar support for EXRULE and EXDATE

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/01/15

Though the Google Calendar UI does not support EXRULE and EXDATE to exclude certain slots (via dates or rules) from recurring events.

The API supports them: [WayBackGoogle Calendar API, RRULE and EXDATE – Stack Overflow


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Preventing sites to add themselves to the Google Chrome search engine list

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/01/11

For a long time, sites have been able to add themselves to the search engine list in Google Chrome.


The last one is my own, but hundreds of them are not.

I never noticed this until I needed to add some custom search engine strings to the list and found the UI is obnoxiously slow when there are hundreds of entries in that list.

It’s like the cookies editor: the editing speed decreases exponentially with the number of entries in that list.

The feature is called Tab to Search, apparently is intentional, based on the OpenSearch standard and well documented:

Many people dislike it though:

There are various ways around it documented in the last link.

This is the one I liked best: [WayBackDon’t add custom search engines – Chrome Web Store.

Via: [WayBack] Google Chrome: Remove all ‘Other Search Engines’ – Super User who also pointed me to the script below the signature ([WayBack] Remove chrome “other search engines” · GitHub), which likely needs this change:

penguin020 commented on Dec 22, 2017  

Just in case you are trying to use this with the (keep) mechanism, I think that the engine.modelIndex can get muddled if you do not refresh between runs of this script, possibly deleting engines you wish to keep.

UPDATE: if you reverse sort by modelIndex, this problem is obviated.


val.others.sort(function (a, b) { return b.modelIndex - a.modelIndex; });

just after the .then.


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